openMSX launcher menu & autocompiler for Linux

بواسطة DrWh0 بتاريخ 26-05-2021, 14:07

A must have for Linux users:

This is a shell menu that allows installing the latest version of openMSX from official GIT easily without programming knowledge. It also features:
* Auto compile and install openMSX or openMSX TSX Advanced
* Auto installs openMSX system ROMs (incl auto search on internet if not found)
* Auto install all dependencies and requirements needed for latest openMSX versions
* Can install Spanish language translation and its included enhancements
* Also adds same functionalities for openMSX TSX Advanced (openMSX fork by imulilla that adds TSX+IPS support)
* Can repair broken packages in your system if needed
* Runs openMSX/openMSX TSX Advanced from the menu

Latest releases available at:

note: this is not an official openMSX release, neither is it supported by the openMSX team.