TNI withdraw MSXdev'06 entry

بواسطة snout بتاريخ 10-09-2006, 17:24
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Together with the Space Manbow 2 news some bad news was issued by TNI as well. Due to continuing hardware problems, development of their promising 'platform shooting adventure' entry Cyberware: Chapter IV ~ Katarsis episode I for the MSXdev'06 competition had to be withdrawn from the competition.

Relevant link: MSXdev website

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بواسطة Manuel

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10-09-2006, 17:43

Um, hardware problems can be fixed right? Ask a Bas Kornalijnslijper or Hans Oranje, e.g.

What a pity. I wouldn't have thought that hardware problems (assuming they're MSX hardware problems) would prevent an MSXdev entry from getting finished.

بواسطة mars2000you

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10-09-2006, 18:00

Although it's announced on the TNI site, the MSXdev' team does not have yet received a confirmation of this withdraw by the usual communication way.

بواسطة BiFi

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10-09-2006, 18:16

TNI did have contact with viejo_archivero about a week ago who promised to update the site a few times, but sofar it hasn't happened yet.

بواسطة mars2000you

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10-09-2006, 18:19

Thanks BiFi for the precisions, I guess that viejo_archivero is too busy at the moment to update the website.

Anyway, I'm sad to see an ambitious project going out of the challenge Crying

بواسطة wolf_

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10-09-2006, 18:20

so euhm.. can you shed any light on those hardware issues? Considering msxdev06's specs I don't quite get the point.. Question

بواسطة snout

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صورة snout

10-09-2006, 18:26

Considering the popularity of cross-development, I reckon the problem does not lie within the MSX part of it all. It's saddening news indeed, let's hope the project gets finished after al outside the competition (or in another edition of it?)

بواسطة chaos

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10-09-2006, 19:01

The only 'hardware problem' I can think of is a broken harddisk which results in lost sources... Too bad

بواسطة BiFi

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10-09-2006, 19:12

GuyveR800, the main developer of the entry, recently bought a new PC which unfortunately gives random BSoD's (Blue Screens of Death. For the people who haven't heard about it, it's a way Windows communicates serious system errors to the user, requiring a reboot of the system). You can understand it's pretty frustrating when he's working on code and the system crashes unexpectedly. After 3 months he still experiences them while attempting to find out what causes them.

It's indeed sad we have to pull out of the competition with these unfortunate hardware problems. At this moment we're not sure when it'll be released and if it will be in- or outside a competition, but we can assure you it will be released.

بواسطة viejo_archivero

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10-09-2006, 23:27

Yes, TNI contacted me directly and told me about that... I'll update the MSXDEV Team website asap to announce that retired entry!.

بواسطة ro

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13-09-2006, 12:33

about time to "re" install that windows stuff Smile
or else return the darn hardware !

too bad, I was looking forward for their entry

بواسطة wolf_

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13-09-2006, 13:18

Still I don't see why the PC couldn't be returned to the shop.. if it's new, it has a year warranty. And even if the PC was custom built from privately ordered components then you'd still be able to return a buggy component. I couldn't go on with a flakey PC for sure.

بواسطة AuroraMSX

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14-09-2006, 19:14

After 3 months he still experiences them while attempting to find out what causes them.
GuyveR800 told me at Bussum that he swapped parts of his new PC (uP, memory, video card etc), even returned the whole damned thing and received a new one and is still experiencing an occasional BSOD. One would almost start to think of a PEBKAC ;) (yes, you can google that)
Anyhoo, I can imagine that it's a very frustrating situation and I hope he gets his PC problems sorted out and decides to install a decent OS this time ;)