Metal Gear SRAM savegames - IPS patch

بواسطة snout بتاريخ 24-09-2006, 17:47
المناقشة: Software

Source: MSX Posse

BiFi has updated the MSX IPS patch archive with a patch for Konami's legendary Metal Gear. This patch allows you to store savegames in the SRAM of a Game Master 2 cartridge instead of saving to cassette.

Relevant link: MSX IPS patch archive

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بواسطة Abi

Hero (604)

صورة Abi

24-09-2006, 22:21

Great job, finally i can save the game on my Turbo-R instead of playing the game at once! Bifi good job!!!

بواسطة Manuel

Ascended (19688)

صورة Manuel

24-09-2006, 23:23

Heh, what a fun patch! Great work, BiFi Smile

Oh, using the GM2 you can also save to disk, of course, as you taught me Smile

بواسطة Yukio

Paragon (1540)

صورة Yukio

25-09-2006, 00:33

Ok, now I just need the original cartridges to dump and play ...
Is true that this is one of the few games that is country locked!?

بواسطة BiFi

Enlighted (4348)

صورة BiFi

25-09-2006, 07:18

thanks all...

manuel: yep, though I think like this is more fun Wink

Yukio: that's correct. The Japanese version originally only works on a Japanese MSX. There's an IPS patch to fix that on the MSX IPS Patch Archive as well.