List of undumped MSX software (PLEASE HELP!)

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13-01-2023, 13:40

if "Daisenryaku Map collection (MSX FAN); not to be mistaken by that of Microcabin itself" here means three Risk Campaign II maps created by the MSX FAN redactors on MSX FAN 1992-09, they are in MSX FAN disk #12. Assuming MSX FAN disk #12 = 1 and a blank disk = 2,
a: Start 1. b: Without moving the cursor, push space twice. c: Choose the second "C version Daisenryaku II redactor's special map" menu. Push Space twice. d: Insert 2. Push space. e: Insert 1. Push space. f: Insert 2. Push space. Now 2 is the map disk g: Insert 1. Push space to quit.

To play a map, start Risk Campaign II, insert 2 before loading a map then choose M-FAN BATTLE, YAMA or Sasaya Strikes Back.

The maps and units submitted to MSX FAN's Daisenryaku II contest announced between MSX FAN 1990-08 - 1990-11 were eventually included in Microcabin's Customer Kit instead of being released by MSX FAN or Tokuma Shoten Intermedia.

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13-01-2023, 14:40

"Daisenryaku Map collection (MSX FAN); not to be mistaken by that of Microcabin itself" is about the maps:
- MSX FAN 1988-03 page 28
- MSX FAN 1988-04 page 30

I thought they released a disk with those levels and some extra levels, but not sure anymore. Or maybe it was a present for the contest winners?

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14-01-2023, 05:52

Sylvester wrote:
- MSX FAN 1988-04 page 30
The text says all 128 map contributors will receive a disk with 16 maps around mid March but one part of the screenshot says "Cannot" suggesting it was WIP. I browsed through May and June MSX FANs but could not find "we shipped" notice or "I received" report. It could have been delayed or was never shipped. 128 isn't few so some of them could have surfaced if existed.

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14-01-2023, 13:14

matten wrote:

I uploaded MSX TIME GAL VHD cassette on

I converted it to CAS file. Are you interested in a Rom version?

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02-03-2023, 11:14

I have this educational program from Greece.
Obviously i don´t understand greek so i don´t even know the name.
Can anyone help me?

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02-03-2023, 11:42

If I have not mistyped anything:


That, according Google, translates to:


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04-03-2023, 20:53

With Gunman now recovered, the whole W-Series from Hudson soft has finally been preserved!

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08-03-2023, 04:20

I have al alamiah 30 in 1 Group A. How do I dump it without taking the chip out?

بواسطة wbahnassi

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08-03-2023, 07:44

If you have Carnivore2 you can insert it in slot 1 and 30-in-1 in slot 2, then have C2 start MSX default config, and go to basic. There was a basic tool that dumps the cart rom for you. Its name escapes me though. It is mentioned in these forums for sure. Very happy to hear one more Arabic rom is about to be added to the preservation library. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: This is the tool I had in mind:

بواسطة Manuel

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08-03-2023, 10:54 (for MSX-DOS, not BASIC) is a powerful tool that can dump most ROM cartridges (that use a memory based switching method). But you do need to know how the mapper works before you can make a full dump. The first step is to just dump the whole slot of the cartridge and then someone has to analyze the dump and reverse engineer the mapper with that... and when that's done, the full ROM can be dumped.

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