SofaRun v2.0 bug report thread

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بواسطة Manuel

Ascended (19681)

صورة Manuel

21-04-2019, 14:07

Such large ROM files need a flash cartridge with the same size of space available... You don't have one in your MSX, right?

بواسطة Tarnyko

Resident (43)

صورة Tarnyko

21-04-2019, 15:31

Surely not !
So I should get one of these ?

I suppose the idea is, for SofaRun, to flash such a cartridge on-the-fly when I choose a large ROM. Is it able to do it ? (surely the answer is obvious, but the info is scattered all over..)

Knowing I already have one SD card reader interface, I suppose this one (without the "SD" part) would do the job. But this will fill my last cartridge slot ; do I have an option if I also want to get MOONSOUND/OPL e.g. ? What do you suggest ?

بواسطة OeiOeiVogeltje

Paragon (1438)

صورة OeiOeiVogeltje

21-04-2019, 15:47

gr8net maybe?

بواسطة Tarnyko

Resident (43)

صورة Tarnyko

21-04-2019, 22:23

OK, so I'm progressing.
Before grabbing any hardware, I'm still trying to validate the setup through an emulator.

So I added a 2 Mb MegaRAM chip :

and suddenly SofaRun begins to load things :

The game itself doesn't run though (gives black screen, hangs).

Ideas ? Might be tied to the RAM slot (2-1) ? I tried changing it to 2-0 by removing the former PAC SRAM, with no effect.

بواسطة Manuel

Ascended (19681)

صورة Manuel

21-04-2019, 23:42

I'm not sure if these games can run in MegaRAM... but indeed, as you said, SofaRUN flashes them on the fly. If you get the MegaFlashROM, the MegaFlashROM SCC+ is not good enough, as it only has 1MB of flash. You need larger, right? The SD variant has 8MB... should be good.

بواسطة Tarnyko

Resident (43)

صورة Tarnyko

22-04-2019, 04:24

Hi Manuel, thanks a lot for getting interested !

In fact, I should have tried all games in (emulated) MegaRAM, because one of them does work : Pointess Fighting.
So it gives for MegaRAM :
- Pointless Fighting (ASCII16) : OK
- Barbarian (ASCII16) : starts, but freezes
- Mario World (Konami SCC): NOK

So I think I get the idea : different types of games require different types of flash cartridges.. unless SofaRun has a specific patch for another combination, right ?

Hey Manuel, I tried to emulate MegaFlashROM SCC+ SD to try it out, but it seems my emulator (blueMSX) does not handle it well, and I have to switch to openMSX... I'll keep you updated.

بواسطة Louthrax

Prophet (2496)

صورة Louthrax

22-04-2019, 12:20

Tarnyko wrote:

Hey folks -Louthrax especially, I would like to declare my unconditional love for SofaRun. It changed my life to a point I can't envision doing without it. I love it in a non-erotic, geeky kind of way.

Thanks, first time I heard that one Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

About the problems you mentionned: yes, SofaROM tries to patch the games the best it can to make it work on the "best available" device plugged on your MSX (but you can also force a device in SofaROM / SofaRun). SofaROM favors the device with the lower patching impact. That device of course has to be big enough for the ROM (except in Memory Mapper mode, where the memory is used like a cache).

When SofaROM has to patch games, it uses Artificial Intelligence code detection created by NYYRIKKI to patch only code, and not false positive data. This works well in most of the cases, but it can't be 100% accurate. For "Barbarian the Duel", just put the "A.I. level" in the "ROM settings" to 0, and this should slove the problem.

Super Mario World does not like to be patched at all, so you need a device that supports Konami SCC mapper in a hardware way like MegaFlashROM, Carnivore 2, GR8Net, ESE-SCC, OCM, etc... Each have their pros and cons, extra features, and different prices. MegaRAM should also support Konami and Konami SCC ROMs without patching, but I'm not sure the openMSX emulation for MegaRAM is 100% working (I only know SofaROM works with my unofficial FPGA-based MegaRAM, but does not in openMSX...).

بواسطة Tarnyko

Resident (43)

صورة Tarnyko

22-04-2019, 13:34

The Master is finally showing ^^.

"Louthrax" wrote:

For "Barbarian the Duel", just put the "A.I. level" in the "ROM settings" to 0

It effectively allowed it to start ; thanks a lot !
Well, it still hangs -emulated MSX reboots- after the character selection screen ; but I guess there is only one setting left to guess now Big smile . (I'll try on openMSX, just in case)

"Louthrax" wrote:

you need a device that supports Konami SCC mapper

OK, so that explains it !
I effectively found 5 eligible devices :
- ProjetOS MegaRAM 2 Mega - SOLD OUT ;
- Tecnobytes Double RAM - SOLD OUT ;
- "my unofficial FPGA-based MegaRAM" ;)

"Louthrax" wrote:

my unofficial FPGA-based MegaRAM

So this one supports SMW on real HW without patching ? Interesting !

بواسطة sdsnatcher73

Enlighted (4304)

صورة sdsnatcher73

24-04-2019, 01:02

@Louthrax: I am experiencing some issues with external SCC feature. This was working fine for me before but it is not anymore. I did some testing with current and older releases, here is my setup:

Yamaha CX7 - MFR in slot 1 - SD Snatcher in slot 2

Nextor 2.1 alpha 2 - SofaRun 3.2/SofaROM 2.6 - working
Nextor 2.1 alpha 2 - SofaRun 4.1/SofaROM 2.7 - not working
Nextor 2.1 beta 1 - SofaRun 3.2/SofaROM 2.6 - not working
Nextor 2.1 beta 1 - SofaRun 4.1/SofaROM 2.7 - not working

Last setup also tested on Carnivore2 in slot 1 and also not working...

I changed only the game setting to use External SCC. SCC is detected correctly in slot 2 but the game does not start (for the not working cases Wink) I went back to Nextor alpha 2 when 3.2 was also not working (where I was sure it was in the past)

بواسطة Popolon

Expert (77)

صورة Popolon

27-04-2019, 07:37

I can't run any 48kb rom from sofarun, What is the "rom type" that I have to choose for run 48kb roms???

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