SofaRun v2.0 bug report thread

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بواسطة Grauw

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27-04-2019, 20:42

Tarnyko wrote:


Carnivore2 is emulated in openMSX.

(Although I did encounter some differences between emulation and real hardware during VGMPlay development, however for just trying it out before purchasing this shouldn’t matter much.)

بواسطة sdsnatcher73

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30-04-2019, 09:08

sdsnatcher73 wrote:

@Louthrax: I am experiencing some issues with external SCC feature. This was working fine for me before but it is not anymore. I did some testing with current and older releases, here is my setup:

Yamaha CX7 - MFR in slot 1 - SD Snatcher in slot 2

Nextor 2.1 alpha 2 - SofaRun 3.2/SofaROM 2.6 - working
Nextor 2.1 alpha 2 - SofaRun 4.1/SofaROM 2.7 - not working
Nextor 2.1 beta 1 - SofaRun 3.2/SofaROM 2.6 - not working
Nextor 2.1 beta 1 - SofaRun 4.1/SofaROM 2.7 - not working

Last setup also tested on Carnivore2 in slot 1 and also not working...

I changed only the game setting to use External SCC. SCC is detected correctly in slot 2 but the game does not start (for the not working cases Wink) I went back to Nextor alpha 2 when 3.2 was also not working (where I was sure it was in the past)

I can report this is fixed for me on SofaRun 5.0 / SofaROM 2.8 using Nextor 2.10 beta 2.

بواسطة sdsnatcher73

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30-04-2019, 09:16

@louthrax: first of all, thank you for the many great updates lately. They bring me a lot of joy!

I have a feature request for SofaRun. As you may know Yamaha made several MSX1 machines with a V9938 VDP (and I am in the possession of one of these, the YIS503II). I was thinking it would be great if the following features that are available on regular MSX2 machines were also available on these MSX1 machines with V9938:

1. Frequency selection 50/60Hz
2. Pallete change

From my (somewhat) limited knowledge these VDP functions should work on these machines, they would just need to be enabled in SofaRun after V9938 was detected on MSX1. I am not sure if that is possible (detection of V9938). If you need me to test anything let me know.

بواسطة AxelStone

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16-10-2019, 22:19

Hello, one question: in MSX2+ Panasonic are all roms loaded with turbo mode? I've been playing different games (Rastan, Aleste, Knightmare...) and I have noticed weird PSG. I've tried same games in OPFXSD and voilá, normal PSG.

My config is MSX2+ Panasonic A1-WSX expanded to 512Kb plus MFR SCC+ SD2 512Kb.


بواسطة Grauw

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16-10-2019, 22:39

Define “weird PSG”… Incorrect pitch?

بواسطة Darumo

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05-11-2019, 22:09

Does Sofarun + Megaflashrom SCC + currently work?

With the OPFX utility the games work for me, but with Sofarun 5.1 (Sofarom 2.9) and 3.0 (Sofarom 2.4) both write to the cartridge the rom does not start the game (it recognizes the cartridge well and seems to write it 100% but when you press the key it does nothing, the screen stays blue, I only got to start and hang up some MSX1 game)

I tried changing the writing speed to 1x and it makes no difference.

It's an msx Philips VG-8235. (128kb RAM, 128Kb VRAM)

بواسطة sd_snatcher

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23-11-2019, 14:36

Victor wrote:
sd_snatcher wrote:

I don't have a complete list, but this is the list I have so far:

- Illusion City (translated version): Doesn't boot, aborts to the MSX-BASIC
- Xak Tower of Gazzel: Runs with glitches and corrupted graphics
- Elite (MSX1): Doesn't boot, aborts to the MSX-BASIC

Then there's the list of games that I just couldn't find a way to run with SofaRunIt:
- Rona: doesn't even boot
- Magnar: doesn't even boot. Maybe related to single-sided 3.5" disks?
- Zone Terra: hardcoded to the disk interface on slot3-2
- ParaDream: requires diskBIOS2. But works fine if I copy the files to a folder in the mass storage device
- MoonLight Saga: requires diskBIOS2

You can see them here working in Flashjacks with my DSK emulator

Good work!

How do you workaround for something like the hardcoded disk interface slot of the Zone Terra, Victor?

BTW, can you also run Seed of Dragon?

بواسطة Francisco Gálvez

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25-11-2019, 20:55

Hi folks...
I liked to use Sofarun in my Zemmix but the version 5.1 seems not to work.
I always get the message:
*** value out of bounds for /C600

Maybe It helps to the project.

I back to use the v.3. version .. I lost the v4 version (put a face palm here Tongue )
Can anyone tell where to get the v4 version?

Thks and regards

بواسطة Louthrax

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25-11-2019, 21:58

Hi Francesco,

Better to fix the issue. I’ll have a look tomorrow evening. You can already try to reset your settings for the game (and also the global SofaRun settings) waiting for that.

بواسطة gdx

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26-11-2019, 01:15

I often have problems with Sofarun. I have to re-initialize it to work properly again. It would be nice if he was more stable.

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