SofaRun v2.0 bug report thread

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بواسطة gdx

Enlighted (6421)

صورة gdx

29-11-2019, 01:39

Used version was v5.0. So I tryed the v5.1 with many parameters but the ROM can never be found when I not use the parameter "ROM=*1" like below. SC2 files are also not found. If I use "ROM=*1", SROM.COM is always executed when I select a ROM even if I choice another command in the menu. So It seems that the current directory is not taken into account, and there is a problem of priority with "ROM=*1".

BAT=%sAKID.COM %f;Edit
BAT=%c %f
INI=%sAKID.COM %f;Edit
ROM=%sSROM.COM %f;Run with SofaRom
ROM=%sSROM.COM /J2 %f;Run with SofaRom (JoyMega)
SG=A:\TOOLS\SG1000.COM %f;Run with SG1000
SMS=A:\TOOLS\SG1000.COM %f;Run with SG1000
TXT=%sAKID.COM %f;Edit

بواسطة Louthrax

Prophet (2491)

صورة Louthrax

27-12-2019, 23:33

Hi Gdx,

I think that your problems are linked to the fact that SC2VIEW.COM and SG1000.COM do not support MSX-DOS 2 file names with directory (SofaRun is passing the full path-name in %f).

I'm woking on a new version of SofaRun, in which %f contains the short path name if that's possible (it's not possible when you have a different "SAVE" directory, not in the same place as the game file, but that's only for default ROM and DSK types).

I can send you a beta version of the next SofaRun if you want to check that this is working on your side. I did some tests here with SG1000.COM and it seems to be OK.

Talking about SG1000.COM, I'd like to add it to the default tools provided in the SofaRun package (I now have a Musical Memory Mapper and it's working very well, and with sound Smile) Let me know if you would be OK with that ?

بواسطة Josb

Master (206)

صورة Josb

19-01-2020, 20:27


First of all, I have to thank for this amazing tool and sharing freely.

But, I also have to say that after updating my old sofarun and sofarom to the last ones (6.0)* my TR-ST doesn't work properly. It is unable to load roms, I always get the same message "***End of File" and return to Multimente. Similar action happens when using .dsk files, so I would like to know whether it is any known bug or not. Also, sofarun has made the initial colour screen change. I'm using MFR.

I would like to retrieve an older version because I was very happy. The webpage just allows to download the newer software. would that be possible to allow downloading other versionss?


بواسطة Louthrax

Prophet (2491)

صورة Louthrax

19-01-2020, 21:30

Hi Josb,

For the ROMs, you can try the "Forget Last Flashed ROM" command in SofaRun (or manually delete the SROM.FLH file). That's a known problem but I have not released the fix yet.

For the screen colors, check the "Text Color" and "Background color" in "SofaRun & default settings" menu (also check if the other settings are OK, you can select "Reset to Defaults" if you have a doubt).

Let me know if that helps !

بواسطة sunn

Expert (105)

صورة sunn

20-01-2020, 09:11

Is it possible to run Golvellius 2 English version with Sofarun? I have not managed to do it. What about Turbo R version of Undeadline?

بواسطة Josb

Master (206)

صورة Josb

20-01-2020, 19:19

Thank Louthrax, now It works fine

بواسطة Louthrax

Prophet (2491)

صورة Louthrax

20-01-2020, 19:50

sunn wrote:

Is it possible to run Golvellius 2 English version with Sofarun? I have not managed to do it. What about Turbo R version of Undeadline?

Hi Sunn,

The English version of Golvellius 2 works with a patch that you can find here on my website:

About Undeadline turboR, the version by Victor works. You can find the patch (with other ones) here:

بواسطة Fabio Belavenuto

Rookie (17)

صورة Fabio Belavenuto

03-03-2020, 18:27

Hello everyone.

I am having a problem with SofaRunIt. When using it to play Aleste2, when changing discs MSX resets.

I'm using the latest version of Nextor (2.1.0-RC1), the latest version of SofaRunIt (2.1) and the Aleste 2 disc images with the Louthrax patch.

The tests were done in an SDMapper, but I was also able to reproduce the error in OpenMSX.

Before I updated the Nextor version on my SDMapper, when it was version 2.1.0-beta2, Aleste2 with SofaRunIt worked without problems.

I believe it is something related to the new version of Nextor, but I would like to ask anyone who has another type of Mass-storage interface to do tests.


بواسطة Louthrax

Prophet (2491)

صورة Louthrax

03-03-2020, 20:14

Quick reply: something has changed in Nextor related to the “stop disk” function call (it was working before). I have a patch for Aleste 2 and also a patch for Nextor but I’m not sure what’s the best to release yet...

You can send me a PM to check things together...

بواسطة hamlet

Scribe (4106)

صورة hamlet

03-03-2020, 20:30

Since Drupal annoyed us, we unfortunately had to remove the PM option until further from the forum.
We are working on this problem, but also on others. Please excuse this shortcoming and choose an alternative form of messaging.

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