Treasure of USAS - Mohenjo Daro theme cover

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بواسطة meits

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صورة meits

28-10-2015, 19:56

ren wrote:

@Meits: yeah, only too bad we're about a month (too) late? Tongue (The deadline was yesterday).

It's not too late to report the results Wink

بواسطة Whizzy

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28-10-2015, 21:24

Wow, very nice and well done ! Cool

بواسطة ren

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صورة ren

28-10-2015, 22:22

Meits wrote:

It's not too late to report the results Wink

Sure Wink

@Ollie: show them some more good tunes/soundtracks and give them another month? Wink

بواسطة olonguet

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28-10-2015, 22:39

haha. I don't make the rules of the contest I'm afraid. Although if I win it this time maybe I can it for another month Big smile
..although I'm pretty sure you can't do that either Smile

...maybe I could ask set the theme to "Games that have the word USAS in their name" or "Games involving Popolon"
... "Games called Nemesis 2"

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