Can Jet Set Willy be completed?

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بواسطة Manuel

Ascended (19678)

صورة Manuel

01-11-2015, 23:06

According to this video:
the level "Out on a Limb" cannot be completed, at least on the original tape version. Is this correct? I had never heard of this issue.

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بواسطة valkyre

Paladin (699)

صورة valkyre

01-11-2015, 23:21

Was there not an issue after entering 'the attic' that stopped the game from being completed?

بواسطة msxski

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صورة msxski

02-11-2015, 01:34

I personally use the April Showers version, its on ZX Spectrum though. I don't know if the code can be converted to MSX.

بواسطة Buleste

Master (158)

صورة Buleste

02-11-2015, 11:43

Unfortunately it was a well known bug. I think it was fixed on most versions but I don't know if it ever was fixed on the MSX version.

بواسطة Manuel

Ascended (19678)

صورة Manuel

02-11-2015, 15:08

Buleste: any references on its well knownness? E.g. in MSX Computing? I'm specifically talking about the "Out on a Limb" issue. Most other bugs have been fixed, as you can read in the comments of that video, which lists all of them, including the differences between versions.

بواسطة MäSäXi

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صورة MäSäXi

02-11-2015, 17:59

Thank you mentioning this Manuel! Smile

Not sure if I tried to get the second object in "Out on a Limb" back in time. Judging from the video, it looks a bit like that certain platform could nearly be reached at, but not really. Not sure about this without trying.

There were some other impossible room(s) too on the Spectrum. Anyway if you managed to collect every possible object using some type-in "hack-loader" from some magazine and then walked to the bedroom, there was still the last object to be collected. It was the invinsible object, the pillow or something below that and it killed you. I don´t know if there is such a bug on MSX.

One easy (?) solution might to make a cheat program (may have been just a few pokes?), similar what was made for the Spectrum three decades ago. That program allowed the player to collect only one object in the bathroom and then just walk to the bed. Maybe some similar program could allow the player to walk to the bed, to see if there is a deadly object in the bed. But it is possible, that such program might disable the deadly object in the bed, if that was an collectable (but deadly) object? Another idea might be to make a game-spoiling cheat-mode, which would allow the player to walk and jump in the air while cheat is on or move 8 pixels to any eight direction while cheat is on. Such cheat must have some key which will turn the cheat ON/OFF during playing.

I would be interested to know all the bugs in MSX version. Smile Same about bee-card version.

بواسطة Manuel

Ascended (19678)

صورة Manuel

02-11-2015, 18:57

Most of this info is already in the comments of that video. Please check it out, it's a nice read!

بواسطة Camerone Else

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صورة Camerone Else

07-04-2016, 06:52

Someone drew my attention to the video. I was pretty sure that I tested every room before the game was released - a time consuming process, so I took another look. Indeed, there is a route to get the second object - it's just not the most obvious one suggested by the room layout.

بواسطة Manuel

Ascended (19678)

صورة Manuel

07-04-2016, 19:43

Cameron Else: well, I'm tempted to challenge you: prove it with a video ;-)
EDIT: oops, you already did that: :) Thanks!

بواسطة Wild_Penguin

Hero (644)

صورة Wild_Penguin

08-04-2016, 16:20

Manuel wrote:

Cameron Else: well, I'm tempted to challenge you: prove it with a video ;-)
EDIT: oops, you already did that: :) Thanks!

Ha, that's the route I tried to do some time ago in OpenMSX when I found the other video mentioning incompleteableness - and couldn't complete the jump! It must be (nearly) pixel-precise.

Another incompleteable game on MSX: Boulder Dash II. In K-5 (the one where there is a boulder and a trough of brick wall to hold the boulder, and you need to run away from the fireflies) like so: (F=firefly, S=sand, R=spawn point, B=brick, *=boulder):


EDIT: This level, except the 5-version (the link is for difficulty 1). Sorry, could not find an MSX video :evil: ...

EDIT2: The link with timepoint does not seem to work trough this forum .... jump to 12:00 to see the point I was trying to link to

There is one diamond too few (or the counter is one diamond too much) to complete the level!

p.s. I just love to thread-hijack ;)

بواسطة Mustang

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صورة Mustang

22-05-2020, 19:24

Hi all. After waiting 4 years to see a 100% complete walkthrough after Knowing that "Out of a limb" could finally be completed, I have decided to do it myself. If anyone is curious to see how Willy the miner ends up inside the WC in the MSX version, here is the full video:


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