Looking for Victor HD-V1 with MSX interface

بواسطة sniper22477

Master (248)

صورة sniper22477

28-03-2018, 13:10

Dear All,

I am Looking for:

- Victor HD-V1
- MSX interface to run this unit
- VHD game (if available)

All must be in great working condition with clear set-up walkthrough (How to run, from A to Z).

Question: Is Victor HD-V1 and MSX interface will work perfectly with the following computers or some of them:
- Panasonic turbo R GT
- Panasonic WSX
- Sanyo wavy 70FD
- Sanyo wavy 70FD2

Please send offers to: ibrahim22477@gmail.com



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بواسطة rderooy

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صورة rderooy

28-03-2018, 21:06

VHD parts, especially the MSX interfaces are very rare. So much that they have never been analysed or have had their ROM dumped by the community. Most of the information known can be found here: https://www.msx.org/wiki/VHD