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06-03-2019, 13:04

Hi, I'm from Poland I have recently got VG-8235. I'm charmed by this computer. I started to get to know him.
I like FM or OPL music very much played on MSX. How can I achieve this on my Philips?

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06-03-2019, 15:06

you will need some hardware - this is for FM and this is for OPL

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06-03-2019, 15:59

Actually both links Pencioner gave are OPL. The first is OPLL (light. used in loads of games and other product. though heavily limited) and the second is OPL4 (wave table with 2op and 4op FM of which the 2op FM is downwards compatible, so it plays OPL1 FM data just fine, just not OPLL)

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26-03-2019, 07:38

Welcome to MSX community.

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26-03-2019, 11:00

So the question is what the poster means exactly with FM and OPL.

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26-03-2019, 12:30

In my experience, the thing that most unsettles Newbies is the variety of music expansion cards available.
The advantage of such an open system is obvious, no other 8bit system offers this variety.
But as a beginner you easily lose the overview and the desire to deal with it.
Additional, it is difficulty that not all extensions are always available for purchase.
Even if the FMPac is actually an OPLL, it is usually assigned to the FM sound generation among users. That's what Yamaha's SFG0x?
Well, the good old Philips Music Module and Panasonic's FM Pac and their follow-ups would do for a gamer?

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26-03-2019, 21:24

Here are some examples made with different sound cartridges on Philips vg-8235 MSX computer...

DnB with Philips Music Module
Beatmaking with OPL4 SHOCKWAVE
Techno with FM-PAK
Beat with Philips Music Module

بواسطة Manuel

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26-03-2019, 21:58

Hahah, great Smile