Dragon Slayer IV MSX1 version - is it even possible to beat?

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30-09-2019, 17:20

Beat the MSX2 version of Dragon Slayer IV: Drasle Family for the second time tonight, and decided that since passwords from the MSX2 version can be used in the MSX1 version as well, it might be interesting to try beating the final boss of the MSX1 version to see what the original ending is like. Only problem is... I can't! The final boss seems to be LITERALLY impossible!

Once the dragon gets far enough to the left side of the screen, he's supposed to fly back to the right. But in the MSX1 version, he just... doesn't do that. So after a while, you're basically just trapped! And it seems to be literally impossible to damage him enough to kill him before that.

Anyone have any ideas what the strategy might be? There has to be a way... right?

If anyone wants to try the fight, here's my final password:

おはにか かになあ へちてひ おねさい
すかふつ そへのひ ちさひこ たすこえ

(On a Panasonic FS-A1WX system, you can enter this by pressing the following keys on the keyboard:

6FIT TIU3 (tilde)AWV 6(lessthan)XE

This will differ considerably depending on your model, however. And I have no clue how to enter this via emulation.)

I'll keep trying to figure it out as well, but it's after midnight here right now, and it's a work night. So that'll have to wait for another day.

But I'm kind of fascinated by this, and thought I'd see if anyone else here might have figured this out previously at some point. To my surprise, there don't seem to be ANY videos on the internet of anyone having beaten the MSX1 version of the game, nor can I find any strategies specific to this version anywhere, so I feel like this may be a lost bit of gaming history.

Anyway, just figured I'd check and see what you guys think! Thanks for reading! Wink


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02-10-2019, 12:05

Talking about that with Sutchan (who told me to give you his regards) pointed me to a walkthrough he wrote a long time ago for the Call MSX magazine. Textually:

In MSX1 version the dragon must be defeated using a different way...After each "burst", you have to go back completely to the left of the screen: Only in this way the beast will jump towards the right. Otherwise, it would advance until corner (to the left)... scorching you without remedy.

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02-10-2019, 12:22

Oh, wow! I would've NEVER thought to try that. Thanks very much! I'll give that a try in just a few minutes.


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02-10-2019, 13:30

Yep, that did the trick! Thanks again.

Man, what an annoying final boss! Definitely improved in the other versions of the game. The ending, too, is as barebones as they come in this version -- and weirdly, has a lesser version of "Teatime" playing? I swear it's got less harmony to it, and just sounds like a prototype of the version used during the slideshow portion of the MSX2 version's ending (which isn't in the MSX1 version; Teatime just plays over the final copyright screen instead).

What's weird, though, is that the dragon's death animation is WAY COOLER in the MSX1 version than in any other version of the game. You see it smoothly collapse into a heap, burst into blue flames, then dissolve into the air with a Star Trek transporter-like effect. Strange that neither of the other versions kept that animation, as it looks pretty neat... and is really the only thing I can give the MSX1 version over its brethren, save for maybe having better box art. Wink

Anyway, thanks again! It feels good to have this mystery solved.


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09-10-2019, 13:10

That was funny and exciting to read about! Drasle Family has always been one of those games to me for which finishing the game never was a reality. I don't think I ever managed to make substantial progress. Glad to see that someone did it for both systems! :-)

بواسطة wyrdwad

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09-10-2019, 15:38

The thing is, it's honestly not that tough of a game -- especially the MSX2 version, which rebalances a lot to make things way fairer and less frustrating. With just a bit of effort, you could totally beat it! You should give it another go sometime -- it's very rewarding.


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24-04-2022, 00:11

Is there some kind of description in English of the game mechanics? Or the meaning of the items? Perhaps the manual?
I've been watching some interesting speed run videos by NL, but I can't really follow what is going on...