CLOAD is Tadahiro Nitta's new album launched October 18th

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بواسطة Mr.Mouse

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13-10-2020, 10:41

Hi all,

As part of Oasis in 2op, I am proud to announce that Tadahiro Nitta and MICROCABIN are set to release a new album on iTunes! This year he has gone back to his roots of composing music combining PSG and FM sounds. He has revisited 8 of his classic tunes from Xak, Xak 2, Fray and Illusion City, using actual MSX sound tracks (PSG and FM) and added vintage Yamaha PSS synthesizers on two tracks to stay close to the original FM sound.

The album is called CLOAD, and the launch trailer (featuring Borose Forest) is out now (give him some thumbs up!! Smile ):
CLOAD Launch Trailer


  1. Opening (Xak, 2:41)
  2. Battle Field (Xak, 2:57)
  3. Upsky of Fire Land (Xak, 4:12)
  4. Running Fray (Fray, 1:49)
  5. DoMiSo Go (Fray, 1:14)
  6. Surfing Go Go! (Fray, 1:27)
  7. Borose Forest (Xak 2, 2:18)
  8. Illusion City-Theme A (Illusion City, 3:42)

* Sanyo PHC-70FD MSX2+ for tracks 1-8
* YAMAHA PortaSound PSS-370, PSS-380 and PSS-480 for tracks 7 and 8

Album cover:

Tadahiro programming the MSX tracks:

Tadahiro's studio:

Remember some of his classic work:

Xak music
Xak II music
Fray in Magical Adventure music
Illusion City

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بواسطة Grauw

Ascended (10818)

صورة Grauw

13-10-2020, 11:42

Very cool! Looking forward to it!

بواسطة Haze

Master (152)

صورة Haze

13-10-2020, 13:17

Very exciting! Love the look at the studio as well. I wonder if green text on black is the preferred way of working on MSX! :-)

بواسطة fernando.collazo.5682

Champion (257)

صورة fernando.collazo.5682

13-10-2020, 14:01

Everything related to microcabin´s music I'm in...

بواسطة sdsnatcher73

Enlighted (4278)

صورة sdsnatcher73

13-10-2020, 17:19

5 days left till release, any info on availability? Will it come to the major streaming platforms (like Spotify, Apple Music)?

بواسطة Mr.Mouse

Expert (66)

صورة Mr.Mouse

13-10-2020, 20:00

As I understand it, not as of yet.

بواسطة Manuel

Ascended (19676)

صورة Manuel

13-10-2020, 21:17

What is he doing on the MSX exactly? Reprogramming his old music? In which format?

بواسطة Pac

Scribe (7103)

صورة Pac

13-10-2020, 22:01

And software? Yumirin tool as was explained here by Nitta himself?

بواسطة Parn

Paladin (853)

صورة Parn

13-10-2020, 22:07

That's very cool! I have a PSS-580 keyboard, which has the exact same synthesizer chips as the PSS-480 used by Nitta. It has a 12-voice 2-op FM synthesizer (works a bit differently from the OPL family, as far as I can tell) and an 8-voice PCM with a few drum samples. It sounds pretty okay.

بواسطة ren

Paragon (1942)

صورة ren

13-10-2020, 22:23

Why is it called 'CLOAD' (seems a somewhat arbitrary title to me, but perhaps I am missing something)?

Bandcamp perhaps?

3x Fray, just 1x Xak 2 hmm... Murdoch

(Still curious if he's willing to give the community a composer breakdown of the Xak soundtracks... Wink)

بواسطة Grauw

Ascended (10818)

صورة Grauw

13-10-2020, 23:42

I really like the parts 0:08 and 0:36 that are different from the original, it sounds really powerful and now I wish the original were like that Smile.

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