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01-11-2020, 16:40

Hello all,

Im planning agin another MSX Cruise. It would be at october 2021.
i will invite many members to join us.
i will update this cruise info here and i need also feedback to you members what kind of cruise you would want to be.
Yes, this is the second cruise ... cruise 2020 is perhaps at Dubai...

but yes plan has made and now i will wait a more info and offers of these 2 cruise companies. Silja Line or Viking Line.
this is now 12 months time to plan and organize this trip.
So, spread news and tell to your friends that finnish msx guys are planning again this kind of happening.
We all hope that this bad corona is all and over by then ....

Previous members can chat here and tell what it was like previous Cruise in march 2019.

So, ball has thrown and we will see what comes..


msx fan finland

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