i need to sell more.

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13-11-2020, 08:58

As few of you have already noticed i sell msx stuff to others.

yes, i have advertise that in FB like : This is my more msx part xxx
At the moment i haven't got many msx for sale but to me is coming Philips VG8235 soon.

i have sold 197 msx to other users in last 9 years but it will be rise...
I still waiting this Gradiente Expert 3 from Brazil and Talent msx from Argentina.
i not have many games but always can ask i may have few.
i just shared 90% of my msx softwares to other users via GDrive. (4,4 GBytes)
Perhaps i will buy more msx here also.
My client looking SVI-738

Keep MSX alive,
Cheers to all,

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15-11-2020, 11:57

Send email. Smile