A new MSX (3?) for 2022 ?

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25-07-2022, 22:14

SwissPanasonic wrote:

I have a small question but I don't know if it's possible to answer already :
It is obvious that I would buy the MSX3 but in a complete configuration with keyboard (unclear if it is MSX2+ style or separate keyboard).
I also welcome the download system to find old games and software. (If sales are low it will be more complicated to get new software or games from recognized companies):

I have a PC at home that I use very little. Only go on the internet, keep my photos, and rarely write a letter and print with my printer (which is more useful directly from my mobile). The MSX3 will not be a PC but do you think it will be with HDMI and possible to go on the internet? With HD or SSD? With even a very basic word processor?
If so, then I could get rid of my PC at home which is of almost no use to me.
Thank you for your opinions. If the current life (climate, war, Covid) is not exciting at all, the MSX3 and the next ones are something very positive and encouraging!

Seems likely, since I've read more than one time about it running Linux... Not sure about connecting a SSD/HD but if it has Linux running in some form, and an ARM processor, should pose no issue to run Linux software in some way or other.

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01-08-2022, 13:37

I am not quite sure what this msx3 is supposed to be.

Much though I would never get the msxVR, at least there it was very clear what it is: a pretty awesome emulation box with advanced msx compatible hardware interfaces (I'm just not in the market for any emulation box). This msx3? I haven't got a clue, despite the many tweets of prototypes.

بواسطة enribar

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01-08-2022, 14:09

Sorry Gaga if I mention Artpop but after so many tweets "MSX3 could be anything" Nishi

بواسطة max_iwamoto

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04-08-2022, 13:59

Here is a nice detailed picture of what MSX3 is:


بواسطة smx

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04-08-2022, 14:04

It's about 1000 € ???

بواسطة Oedov Oedidle

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04-08-2022, 15:58

Sounds like the price of just about any Turbo-R, these days. Wink

بواسطة Briqunullus

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04-08-2022, 18:59

That'll be the most exclusive version, MSX Turbo 32X. Personal Super Computing. Other versions may be cheaper. The schematic also says low cost and long life (10 years, no plans for MSX4).

بواسطة Emphy

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06-08-2022, 08:05

max_iwamoto wrote:

Here is a nice detailed picture of what MSX3 is:


Yes, very interesting. But: what is it supposed to be?

All that picture tells me is that the project seems to be suffering from a serious case of feature creep.

بواسطة wolf_

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06-08-2022, 11:53

As Steve Ballmer would yell: "Developers Developers Developers Developers Developers Developers"

We can all debate about what makes something an MSX, and whether emulation of a classic chip on a hyper modern PC counts as genuine. We can debate whether the turbo-R ever was an MSX or not, whether the 1chipMSX is an MSX or not, whether the inclusion of a tape port is relevant or not. We may even debate whether the OPL4 or v9990 chips are genuinely 'MSX'. For me this truly isn't important.

Build the biggest MSX ever, with dedicated chips that have 'MSX' printed on 'm, all in dedicated casing. Have the highest resolutions, with 32bit color and true audio-streaming. If there are no developers, there's nothing. And personally I doubt we'll ever get these developers. Partly because plenty people would rather just be working on the PC they know, or try something out for iOS or Android. And partly because the old MSX gang would rather try to squeeze the last drop out of the good old MSX chips (Z80, TMS, VDP etc.). I think this latter group isn't much interested in new hardware while the first group isn't interested in a subset of possibilities compared to what they already have.

Few scraps of content for the v9990, anyone? That chip had it all, yet then years after its release we were making MSX1 games.

Mere two cents! Hannibal

بواسطة wimpie3

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06-08-2022, 15:42

Completely agree with wolf. All the fun I have making games for the MSX these days is BECAUSE I want to get the best out of the Z80. Working with limitations is cool. An MSX3 with more possibilities would indeed end up as the V9990. Make me an MSX like those mini re-releases for the Commodore 64 or Spectrum. THAT's what I want.

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