A new MSX (3?) for 2022 ?

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بواسطة geijoenr

Champion (362)

صورة geijoenr

21-09-2022, 22:11

I am not a designer and I cannot articulate what is wrong with it but it definitely doesn't look like a professional logo. It just doesn't feel right.

بواسطة Manuel

Ascended (19316)

صورة Manuel

21-09-2022, 23:53

MSX letters being too thin is exactly what I thought as soon as I saw it.

بواسطة Popolon_fr

Expert (72)

صورة Popolon_fr

22-09-2022, 01:48

Not bad but... The "old" logo is better! Cool

بواسطة sdsnatcher73

Prophet (3851)

صورة sdsnatcher73

22-09-2022, 04:58

Oh come on, it’s just a logo. It’s not even that bad imho, it will take some time to get used to like everything that changes. I like how it reflects the extensibility of MSX3.

بواسطة raymond

Hero (633)

صورة raymond

22-09-2022, 05:54

Hmmm, not too bad. I do like the 3, a bit of a building block idea and a referal to the pixels of the past generations of MSX machines. The MSX logo definitely lost some weight Big smile

بواسطة Latok

msx guru (3929)

صورة Latok

22-09-2022, 08:21

Maybe it's not that bad. We are just sooo used to the original fat logo. I showed it some collegues and they all said it looks quite ok...

بواسطة SwissPanasonic

Expert (72)

صورة SwissPanasonic

22-09-2022, 09:39

I also preferred the thicker one, all you had to do was add a nice 3. But that's okay, the important thing is that the project is progressing. So congratulations for showing us that logo. Unfortunately I would not take the cartridge alone but the set with a keyboard (separate or a single block like msx2+) which should come out a little later. Also other devices. I sincerely hope in the 1st quarter of 2023. Exciting. Also, the download system that will arrive for those who have nothing or much MSX at home. I wonder if the connections for peripherals will be like for the MSX or simply USB (PC peripherals and others)? Will there be SSD or only Blu-ray etc?

بواسطة gdx

Enlighted (6116)

صورة gdx

22-09-2022, 09:49

I'm not a fan of this slimmed down logo, and I think it's a bad idea to change the MSX logo. It's this one that sets the standard. Just do a stylized 3 like below is enough.

and for the fun an RGB version.


بواسطة gdx

Enlighted (6116)

صورة gdx

22-09-2022, 11:10

One of Pazos versions a little arranged.

بواسطة Micha

Expert (98)

صورة Micha

22-09-2022, 12:49

The "old" MSX logo was already a difficult logo to work with, because it is a sort of single-color inverted text in a box. Some companies used just the letters, others gave the logo the color they wanted, etc.
It was far behind the strength of the iconic logos from that era such as IBM, Commodore, Apple, Atari or Sega.
The "new" MSX logo unfortunately does not (at all) close that gap...

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