A new MSX (3?) for 2022 ?

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Paladin (677)

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09-02-2023, 12:22

Ivan wrote:
gdx wrote:

About the MSX0, at first I thought it was a joke (bad old screen & no fonction key). Sad

We don’t know if it is going to be the definitive screen. It is strange that its resolution is, only, 320x240. Other than that I like the device. For me the most interesting one is the MSX3 (Linux/TAOS OS/Nextor).

This is m5stack just changing color and software, screen is what m5stack has, like cpu (unfortunately) is... Like said, really low effort on hardware, all bets on software

بواسطة Ivan

Ascended (9341)

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10-02-2023, 11:16

Ivan wrote:

Btw, Kazuhiko Nishi conference in Barcelona appears on the front page of one of the biggest Spanish newspapers:



Same press article (with interview) in English here!:


بواسطة Firebird

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10-02-2023, 17:22

Sounds very interesting. Will it be succefull commercially and how it will affect interest to older MSX hardware or not?

بواسطة Accumulator

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11-02-2023, 15:38

What about copyright issues, usually it is in state for 70 years... Copyright on Logo, design, intellectual property, etc... ?? For the original MSX, Microsoft is involved..... are they out, excluded, or lawsuit ahead??

بواسطة Latok

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11-02-2023, 16:50

I believe Nishi bought them some time ago? Not sure...

بواسطة Pac

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11-02-2023, 17:28

Take a look at this recent tweet by Nishi.

بواسطة Accumulator

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11-02-2023, 18:10

Pac, thank you for the info...
This info makes me concerned about true drive of Nishi....
If you have/own 23 years of trademarks/intellect/etc.. and you have done ZERO in 23 years, how serious are you really?? There could have been another MSXBox 720 or MSXStation 6, with only thinking and talking nothing really happens... Action is required... If all resources and possibilities were given even to BaZIX, some result was already here..... Using a VDP of 30 years old, is destined to fail......

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21-03-2023, 17:20

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