Maze of Galious walkthrough finished

بواسطة Vahan

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صورة Vahan

08-10-2021, 00:48

Come and take a look at it, everyone. Tell me what you think.

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بواسطة mars2000you

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صورة mars2000you

08-10-2021, 01:24

Great work!

A little remark: you can beat Galious without the cross, see this video:

بواسطة wbahnassi

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صورة wbahnassi

08-10-2021, 01:30

"The Maze of Galious is often considered by many MSX fans to be one of the most beloved titles on the PC".

I got confused at first when I read "PC". Of course the MSX is a PC technically but the term is used nowadays for something else. Perhaps change it to "most beloved titles on that computer". Otherwise awesome guide!

بواسطة Vahan

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08-10-2021, 05:24

Thanks everyone for the feedback. So how exactly do I go back and make corrections? I can't directly edit it.

بواسطة Pippo

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08-10-2021, 06:17

Your work looks excellent, Vahan! Big smile
Thanks really a lot for your efforts from Msx World. Smile

بواسطة Wolverine_nl

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08-10-2021, 10:15

awesome work Vahan! Smile

بواسطة Feiraco

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14-10-2021, 14:29

Fantastic!! :-)

بواسطة fondacio

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14-10-2021, 17:27


Majou Densetsu II: Galious no Meikyuu (lit. Demon Castle Legend II: The Maze of
Galious) is a side-scrolling action adventure game produced and released by
Konami on April 18, 1987 for the MSX Personal Computer in Japan.

I would not say it's side-scrolling (although the Famicom/NES port is). Also, the terminology at the time was "arcade adventure", although I'm not up to speed with current terminology to describe games.

بواسطة Vahan

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صورة Vahan

15-10-2021, 04:23

How about "screen-by-screen action-adventure game"? Though I don't know the correct terminology for this one, either.

بواسطة Pippo

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15-10-2021, 06:22

I usually adopt the terminology: "Multi-Screen°. Smile