Star Virgin - English patch by Django

Star Virgin - English patch by Django

بواسطة ro بتاريخ 14-11-2021, 15:19
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The MSX2 game Star Virgin has been fully translated from Japanese to English. The patch to make this happen is downloadable for free. Another Django work done.

How does he do it? The Frenchman Django must have some extra spare time round his hands, as he release yet another 8-bit project. With an extensive amount of love, or amour, and a bucket full of experience, the translator delivers Star Virgin in complete English wording.

The 1988 MSX megarom Star Virgin, or スターヴァージン as original title, was developed by Pony Canyon and only had local Japanese texts. It apparently never left the land of the rising sun. A game featuring colorful screens and PSG tunes.

The main character in this game, Eiko, is an ordinary girl. When one day she turns into a super-powered girl called "Star Virgin". Sexy and determined she's on a quest saving the boy Koo. He has been captured and imprisoned in the laboratory of Arashiyama, a maleficent scientist who wants to conquer the earth.

An action game full of fun, action and a power puffed girl, all in understandable English. Thanx to Django. Merci!

relevant link: In game video footage
relevant link: Star Virgin English IPS

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بواسطة tfh

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14-11-2021, 16:41


How does he do it? The Frenchman Django must have some extra spare time round his hands

I heard a rumor he actually has 30 hours in a single day!
Anyway: thank you Django for making another game understandable for us mortals!

بواسطة kanima

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15-11-2021, 02:42

Don't forget to watch the awesome original Japanese commercial to get hyped for this game!

بواسطة JohnHassink

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16-11-2021, 16:20

DJANGO, you already were one of my MSX heroes, but to this project, I really look forward!

I must have finished this game about 10 times in my youth, but even as the video just shows the beginning of the game, there seems to be a lot that I missed! Buying sushi for villagers? Have a look at my longplay (spoilers, ofcourse). I just missed all that stuff because I did not understand the dialogues that well.

I am thrilled to be able to rediscover the game like it's all new! Thank you.

بواسطة DrWh0

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18-11-2021, 01:15

Thank you very much for the translation @django !

بواسطة gdx

Enlighted (6429)

صورة gdx

18-11-2021, 01:38

May wouldn't it be better to replace PASSWO and PASSWORD (which goes out of its frame) with PASS.
If I have time I will look to see if it is possible to do something about the passwords as it is unusable as it is on non-Japanese MSX.

بواسطة DJANGO

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18-11-2021, 06:06

بواسطة gdx

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18-11-2021, 08:58

Thanks. Smile

بواسطة Manuel

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صورة Manuel

23-11-2021, 08:51

بواسطة gdx

Enlighted (6429)

صورة gdx

23-11-2021, 11:07

I saw that the full movie is on Youtube in VO. I watched a few passages. It's low budget movie quite strange. It seems made for toddlers except that there are plenty of herotic allusions.

بواسطة gdx

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23-11-2021, 12:48

بواسطة sunn

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15-02-2022, 20:11

Many thanks for translating Star Virgin. I’m really enjoying the game now. Do you intend to continue Ultima IV translation? It would be really nice to get the whole game in English.

بواسطة DJANGO

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16-02-2022, 09:40

I don't intend to continue translating Ultima IV because there is way too much text on drive B.