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01-12-2021, 11:16

thegeps wrote:

I think it should count as "yes"?

It counts as "yes, but later we will need an agreement on sharing the income"

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01-12-2021, 11:27

If you go for a commercial release with an agreement for the use of the rights, you should consider to aim to an msx2 release.
The colours used in Turrican do not really fit the msx1 palette. Metal surfaces and shades of grey need msx2 palette.
Moreover you can use 3 colours per line on sprites (if you use two layers per object) and scrolling in 4 directions (in screen 4 it is easy, look at Govellius 2 or, if you want to mask borders, to Psycho Word).

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01-12-2021, 13:07

Yep I know they are rhinking about income XD
Well, maybe it's time to study V9938 and go for it. But anyway I want to do MSX1 version too. Even about income if there has to be a commercial agreement: MSX1 version, infact, could be easily ported to Colecovision and Sega SG-1000

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01-12-2021, 13:15


Very impressive indeed. At first sight it looked for me 2px scroll.

You don't have to use Turrican assets if you don't want. There are free assets that fits perfectly:


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01-12-2021, 13:35

This looks promising! Big smile

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01-12-2021, 14:35

He used the buggy version of Master of the Lamp to make his video.

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01-12-2021, 15:10

For MSX2 I would just continue to run it in screen 2, but tweak the palette and use the adjust registers to scroll. Maybe later you could change to screen 4, same as screen 2 but with sprite mode 2, to add more colour to the sprites and reduce flickering. But you should be able to do it in a way that the basis remains the same as for MSX1, just with small incremental tweaks here and there that are activated if V9938 is present.

Btw yeah Displaced Gamers’ MSX video is a good introduction to MSX graphics modes! And I notice it’s almost at 200k views now. That’s a lot of people who now learned a lot about MSX!

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01-12-2021, 18:59

بواسطة ARTRAG

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03-12-2021, 17:34

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03-12-2021, 19:02

Thx artrag, I already know that site: I've found also (can't remember if there or elsewhere) the spectrum map (and I've started to rip spectrum gfx, first). But then I've found Turrican maps in the example folder of charpad, already done in 4x4 chars tiles. So I've exported the charset as a png file, imported it as screen map on Magellan, fixed colors and some errors (due to C64 and MSX differences), some copy amd paste chars to move them to the same order as charpad (Magellan imports images but it isn't clear the order it follows to do so, so chars are somehow shuffled and grouped by 16...)
Then, having same charset and same tilemap I had only to test my code Wink

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