Head over Heels Ocean Software MSX

بواسطة Shassuz

Supporter (1)

صورة Shassuz

30-01-2022, 21:27

Hi! Have been looking a while for the game Head over Heels for the MSX. I know I had it once upon a time on cassette but have unfortunately disappeared during all these years. Does anyone know where to get the game?

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بواسطة CASDuino

Champion (360)

صورة CASDuino

30-01-2022, 21:30

The CAS and TSX file are easily downloadable. Getting a physical copy is harder.
There is a ROM cartridge of the updated MSX2 version.

بواسطة snake

Expert (71)

صورة snake

31-01-2022, 00:15

Ebay is the only place coming in mind, you can find the spanish edition (just do a search).
The british one is rare, i got it a few years ago but it took a lot of patience.

بواسطة Manuel

Ascended (19683)

صورة Manuel

30-01-2022, 23:52

Really? I have it (not selling it), but I never considered it rare. I think it was sold rather OK in the Netherlands.

بواسطة Feiraco

Master (140)

صورة Feiraco

11-04-2022, 15:45

I always played this song during the game :-)