Real MSX / Sofarun / exit game

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16-05-2022, 11:37

Hello to all,
Sorry for this stupid question, but I've looked everywhere: is there a way to exit a game launched by Sofarun without rebooting your MSX? I'm looking for a key combination on the keyboard to return to the Sofarun menu. But I don't know if it exists.
Thank you for your help.

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23-05-2022, 13:21


I think the best answer is no.
And SofaRUN can't do anything about it, I think.
MSX programs are not designed to return to OS like MS-DOS ones.

Many games were sold on cartridge support and the best (and only way) to remove a cartridge is to power-off the computer.
MSX computers weren't designed to work with HDD so, like Atari ST or Amiga 500, you have to reboot to change game.

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23-05-2022, 14:11

You can do it with MSX1 Roms up to 32kB (or maybe 48kB) by defining Game Runner as second Rom loader.