My Air Buster/Aero Blasters demo (MSX+V9990)

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بواسطة pizzapower

Master (155)

صورة pizzapower

15-01-2023, 11:07

New video of my V9990-powered Air Buster. The first stage is more fleshed out now, with two layers of buildings when the city comes in. And there's also the X68000 building. ;)

بواسطة Latok

msx guru (3929)

صورة Latok

15-01-2023, 16:14

Looks really good!

بواسطة PingPong

Prophet (4096)

صورة PingPong

15-01-2023, 17:10

At minute 1:05 there is a glitch on the top of the screen approximately on first top 24 pixels .... is the beam catching some vram update.

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