Japanese Comiket 101 new MSX cartridges going on sale

بواسطة Giangiacomo Zaf...

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صورة Giangiacomo Zaffini 2

31-12-2022, 15:20

Niga2 is going to sell or present three new MSX cartridges on Japanese Comiket 101.

SoundCoreSLOT EX

OPNA SoundCartridge


Plus, not long time ago, Niga2 presented another P6/MSX audio cartridge : ESE-P6ROM

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بواسطة Manuel

Ascended (19685)

صورة Manuel

31-12-2022, 18:18

Can you explain what these cartridges do?

بواسطة CASDuino

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صورة CASDuino

31-12-2022, 19:34

SoundCore SLOT EX is a sound source cartridge for MSX equipped with OPLL and PSG, but it has a very unique and convenient design. The characteristics of each slot are as follows.

・Outputs OPLL+PSG audio without being affected by noise from the MSX main unit ・Equipped with two cartridge connectors on the top of the cartridge ・Sounds such as SCC cartridges can be mixed via these connectors ・Can also be used on models without FM tone generator ・FMBIOS can be written to the built-in FlashROM

The OPNA SoundCartridge The OPNA Cartridge is a low noise design, similar to the nuclear slot. In addition to VGMPlay MSX, it also supports MAmidiMEmo by itoken ( @SNDR_SNDL ), allowing you to play VGM from your Windows PC.
Distribution of the MAmi-VSIF adapter (completed product) is scheduled to begin next spring.

بواسطة syn

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03-01-2023, 18:29

Anyone know whether this stuff is for sale from outside of japan? I would love to have soundcore slot ex