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02-03-2008, 18:28



(MSX 2, Japan Telenet 1988)


As I learned that quite some people were still puzzled about this great game, I decided to write a thorough “How-To-Play”.

For questions/remarks/additions mail to: and you will be credited when providing useful information.

Feel free to translate this document to any language or to publish it on any website, as long as you credit me for it.


* Who knows what the deal is exactly with the drinks?

* Who knows about the factors upon which RPG-BATTLE allowance depend?

* I would be very happy with any information regarding the PC-88 version

I wish to thank:

* Japan Telenet / Reno for making games like none other did

* Rieks Warendorp Torringa for help on the “INSULT / FLATTER” features

* You for reading


[Z] Starts the game from the beginning
[X] Starts the game from your save position, if present
[F-5] Brings you to the music mode


[X] = Jump
[Z] = Normal attack
[DOWN] + [X] = Special attack
[DOWN] + [X] + [Y] = Menu


This game has 7 stages; all of them are comprised of two parts.

In the 1st part, your objective is to gather a certain item called “FORCE UNIT”, which looks like a silver box with red/blue sparkling in it. (see: ITEMS).
When you have collected it, you can press a key to proceed to the 2nd part.
On most MSX keyboards, the key you have to press is the [?].

(Note: On certain types of keyboards, this key is “-“.
If you can’t find the right key, try the key(s) left to your [RIGHT SHIFT] button)

After doing so, you will be rewarded with 50 life points.
In the 2nd part, aforementioned item is always absent.
From this part, you can simply proceed to the stage’s boss creature by pressing the [?] key.
However, as each stage enables you to gain two levels for your character, you might as well use this opportunity before doing so.

When having killed exactly 16 enemies, the bar on top of the screen is full.
The next enemy you kill will raise your level with 1 point and empty the bar.
After this, you can collect a full bar again and gain another level in the next part or stage.

After defeating a boss, you get another 50 life points.
(Note the exception at the end of stage 7!)

When you have walked past the end of a part, you will return to the beginning of it;
Items you may have gathered will not re-appear, but those you possibly missed will still be there.

Theoretically, you could beat the game walking around with 6 lollypops (see: LOLLYPOP UPGRADES), using them as protection for bathing.
Note that this weapon isn’t very useful during boss battles.


FORCE UNIT Collect it to proceed to the 2nd part of each stage
LOLLYPOP Alters your weapon
MICROPHONE Increase strength
DRINK Not 100% sure, but it can null your weapons, so be weary
SCREW Not sure, sorry


In “normal game mode”, there are 2 ways of attacking (scream “WA”):

(1) Normal attack by pressing the [Z] button. Holding the [Z] button will “build up” the power the attack will have.
Also, you can direct your “voice-weapon” by pressing [UP] or [DOWN].

(2) Special attack. Stronger than a normal attack.
Performed by pressing [DOWN] and the [X] button simultaneously. The amount of lollypops taken has effect on the nature of this attack (see next).


Each time you collect a lollypop, your special attack changes:

0 = 1 Big, fast WA
1 = 2 Big, fast WA’s vertically stapled
2 = Small WA’s which follow circle-patterns
3 = 1 Big WA that splits in four small ones
4 = 4 Small WA’s vertically stapled
5 = Big, slow WA’s (max. 6) which float a while in front of you before proceeding
6 = Big WA’s (max. 6) which circle around you (very handy to bath undisturbed)
7 = Big WA’s which form a wall in front of you


The 16 squares above the game screen indicate the remaining number of “kills” required for level-up.

The left side of the screen shows time units; below this, the amount of drinks, lollypops and microphones taken is displayed.

Further below that are your “personal” parameters.
Next to the clock, your remaining time is displayed. Zero time = game over.
Next to the heart is your life. Maximum is 100 points.
The number next to the star states your level.

On the right, the current part of the spaceship to rebuild is shown.

Above that, on the right is the amount of screws (back to zero at each new stage).

Also on the right is the menu-part.


Press [DOWN], [Z] & [X] simultaneously.
You’ll enter the menu. Choose with [LEFT], [RIGHT], confirm with [X].

Leave menu, resume game.

Time will start running fast. Note: this drains your energy!
Simply moving will end skipping time.

Engage a turn-based battle with all enemies currently on screen (see below).

Bathing will refresh your energy. Pick your bathing-spot carefully. Some enemy flows will allow you to bathe out of their reach until you’re at 100%.
See the “LOLLYPOP UPGRADE” section for additional information.


Roughly 5% of the enemies present in the game will not engage in RPG battle with you.
Also, the possibility of RPG-battle seems to rely on some more factors which I’m not sure about.

The obvious advantage of RPG battle is the turn-based attack system as opposed to real-time flow of (strong) enemies.

When entering RPG mode, you’ll get the following menu (roughly translated into English):





Only the last option, of course is relevant to any game progression.

The “ATTACK” menu will be (translated):





Effect of each attack differs among the numerous types of enemies you’ll encounter in the game.
Also, the amount of dealt damage will depend on your level.
However, the most safe way to go is the fourth attack, as it always hits your target and causes reasonable damage at least.

If you talk too much, enemies will hit you at cost of your turn, so just attack.

Most of the time, you can rely on the B-ATTACK as it always hits target.


Most bosses are beaten with relative ease when you follow this strategy:

* Stay at the leftmost section of the screen

* Use your special attack, but stay ready to fire fast, normal attacks in order of removing enemy projectiles

* Jump to dodge attacks

This will work okay for the bosses of stage 1 to 5 (and of stage 7).

As the boss of stage 6 bounces around the screen, the fashion of attacking is different;

* Special attack until it’s close to you

* Run under and past it

* Then turn around, (normal) attack


Take care of the following points to finish the game:

* Use every opportunity to bathe

* Each stage, you have gained two levels

* You have 1 lollypop at the end of stage 7

* Defeat the boss (Rulyma)

* Fight the bosses of stage 1 to 6 in a row

* The final boss appears. Keep doing your special attack and you’ve beaten the game

I hope this How-To-Play has helped you in any way!

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بواسطة rolins

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02-03-2008, 19:53

Thanks for info DemonSeed. Big smile

Maybe this time I'll be able to complete a stage.

بواسطة Samor

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02-03-2008, 22:31

I remember years ago we (me and my brother) got to "Fight the bosses of stage 1 to 6 in a row" ... not that I remember how we even got that far, but at the time we were used to guessing things in Japanese games, I guess......

بواسطة JohnHassink

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03-03-2008, 01:47

Have fun playing! Both game and its enddemo are worth it.

As this How-To-Play currently isn't 100% finished, I'll wait for a while if anyone has corrections/additions to it.

After that while, I'll send it to and credit everyone who may have contributed.

If you wish to translate it, please ask me for the most recent version.

بواسطة JohnHassink

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03-03-2008, 01:48

BTW, important addition to "HOW TO BEAT THE GAME IN SHORT":

* Don’t be shy to enter RPG MODE very often

بواسطة Apachacha

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16-10-2011, 10:51

Sorry for bumping this up but I just have to thank you John, because thanks to you I was able to beat the game.

Thanks Big smile You're aweosme

بواسطة JohnHassink

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16-10-2011, 17:48

That is great to hear. It's what I hoped when I typed all this stuff, that it would be useful to someone. Thank you too! Smile

بواسطة Apachacha

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17-10-2011, 10:55

And I just noticed you apparently can't edit your posts, so can't do anything about that "aweosme". Tongue

بواسطة DJANGO

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01-11-2011, 11:57

بواسطة JohnHassink

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01-11-2011, 12:52

I love you DJANGO! Big smile

بواسطة mesiasmsx

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01-11-2011, 15:19

Thanks for the post John! Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

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