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openMSX 0.2.1 unofficialWin32-0.02

by snout on 24-01-2003, 23:48
Topic: Emulation

Reikan released a new version of the Windows port of openMSX. This release is a maintenance release, which means there are little changes.

Some ROM files that did not work before, are bound to work now.Reikan is now focussing on fixing some SDL related issues, in order to make the fullscreen mode and the SDLGL renderer work.

The end of Compile

by Sander on 24-01-2003, 12:11
Topic: MSX Related

Compile, known to everyone for making Zanac, Puyo Puyo, Golvellius and the Aleste shooters, is history.Compile already operated under a debt-restructuring plan, but w

Snatcher English Translation v0.3.0

by Bart on 22-01-2003, 23:17
Topic: Translations

Source: MSX Mailinglist

Daniel Caetano announced version 0.3.0 of the English translation of Snatcher. New in this version is the translation of all menu's (also the opening menu).You can find this project at The snatcher translation website

MSX 2003 Fair

by raymond on 22-01-2003, 21:33
Topic: Events

This Saturday, their will be an MSX fair. It will be held in: 't Oude Theater, Bram van den Berghstraat, Oss. The entrance is free and the fair is open from 10:00 - 17:00. Free parking space is available, and the train station is 2 minutes walking.On the fair, a large Triplex network will be set up, you are encouraged to bring your MSX system, a monitor and Music Module with you.

Linux PDA with FPGA

by mth on 22-01-2003, 21:28
Topic: MSX Related

Yesterday IBM announced a reference design of a Linux PDA. The interesting thing is that it includes an FPGA: Xilinx XCR3128XL (128 macrocells, 3000 gates).

FlashLoader v2.3 for FlashROM

by BiFi on 21-01-2003, 20:46
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Today version 2.3 of FlashLoader for FlashROM has been released.

MSXPLAYer trials moved

by snout on 20-01-2003, 00:07
Topic: MSX Revival

We received some e-mails from our visitors searching for the MSXPLAYer trial versions.

PocketMSX 0.002xx

by snout on 20-01-2003, 00:03
Topic: Emulation

PocketMSX is in rapid development, as another update hits the web today.

Uzix X-Utils 1.0

by snout on 18-01-2003, 21:33
Topic: MSX Related

The team behind FOCA (Fudeba Optimizer Compiler Assembler) released the first version of Uzix X-Utils (UXU). This set of tools enables you to access Uzix file systems from Unix-based platforms, like Linux.

MSXPLAYer - download trial versions!

by snout on 18-01-2003, 01:24
Topic: MSX Revival

Finally, after waiting a long, long time we can get another peek at the new official MSX Emulator MSXPLAYer. Although the emulator is included with MSX Magazine - permanent preservation edition and Fun!

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