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MSX 20th anniversary Radio?

by snout on 14-05-2003, 14:05
Topic: MSX Revival

With only 44 days to go to the official 20th birthday of the MSX computer system, the rumours have spread that the popular internet radio station Radiat will broadcast a special selection of programs that day, to celebrate this special event. If this truly is the case, several interesting guests will be interviewed.

Best MSX1 game ever [round 6]

by snout on 14-05-2003, 00:13
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

Only a few more rounds to go until our first mega-poll comes to an end. After five rounds of voting only twelve games are running for the prestigious title of 'Best MSX1 game ever'.

On Moai-tech some pictures and a nice long video can be found on the MSX user meeting held in Barcelona yesterday. The video shows a walk along the fair room, giving a small peek at all the stands.

Konami have leaked a small trailer of the upcoming Metal Gear game to the internet. In this game, one of our favourite MSX heroes, Solid Snake, is back with an important mission to save mankind from... well.. something ;)

As you probably all know, the very first Metal Gear game was released on MSX back in 1987.

A news posting on Gigamix online indicates that ASCII might not be involved in the upcoming MSX Magazine by MSX Association.

On December 22nd 2002, both

BrMSX - still alive

by mars2000you on 10-05-2003, 09:00
Topic: Emulation

Since a few months, the BrMSX site had disappeared and the development of this emulator was stopped. BrMSX is known as one of the better MSX1 emulators. It seems that Ric Bittencourt is still very active. He has now his own mailing list, dedicated to BrMSX and his other MSX activities.

On this list you can find more recent versions of BrMSX (version 2.10 for DOS, version 3.0.14 for Windows).

Best MSX1 game ever [round 5]

by snout on 10-05-2003, 00:44
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

24 games managed to survive a very tough fourth round of the best MSX1 game ever mega-poll. After a bit of discussion no less than 12 games were added to the competition after all, which led to some confusion to people who already had cast their votes.

Gigamix is the first MSX site to bring us a picture of the upcoming USB ROM cartridge reader.

Barcelona MSX meeting - May 10th

by snout on 08-05-2003, 15:39
Topic: Events

This saturday many MSX friends will meet in Barcelona, Spain. For the 23rd time in history, the aamsx holds their reunion of MSX users. During this day, there will be a Quarth Tournament in challenging settings (Speed: 6, Level: 7).

Infogrames becomes Atari

by snout on 08-05-2003, 15:13
Topic: MSX Related

Yesterday, Infogrames announced they will change their name into Atari for good. Atari has a great history of gaming ever since Pong - the first computer game ever - and the Atari 2600 game console. In the past, Infogrames released several MSX games like L'Affaire, Les passengers du vent and TNT.

Infogrames had bought the Atari brand name quite some time ago, and used the name ever since.

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