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Girls Garden for MSX - Beta 2

by snout on 18-04-2004, 20:54
Topic: Software

Last week Ricardo Bittencourt released a beta version of his MSX port of Girls Garden, a game originally released by Sega in 1984. Today, a new beta version was released. Now, the game is fully playable. Next, Ricardo will implement some sounds.

Bomb Jack for MSX

by snout on 18-04-2004, 14:33
Topic: Software

Slotman of MSX Files has just released a new MSX game, a port of the Sega SG-1000 game Bomb Jack for MSX. You can get this game in the games section of his website.

MSX3 in 1

by yamdisco on 17-04-2004, 12:26
Topic: Music

UP, a musician from Tokyo and submitter of this newspost notified us of the 'MSX3 in 1' audio CD he has just created. It contains 10 audio tracks, including several songs with an MSX feel. To accomplish this UP useed several MSX voices, including 3 of the 4 standard 'beep' sounds. The album also contains a 13 minute MSX Medley, remixing 14 MSX game sounds DJ-style.

Most underrated MSX game [round 2]

by snout on 17-04-2004, 00:08
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

The second round of forum-voting of our current mega-poll has just begun. You can help us in our quest for the most underrated MSX game in the world. Cast your votes in this forum thread, where you can find the votesheet with all 56 nominees and an explanation of the voting system. Happy voting!

Goemon music for mobile phones

by dexx on 16-04-2004, 23:57
Topic: Music

Did you like the music of Konami's Goemon? You can now take the level 1 song of this game everywhere you go, on your mobile phone. Over here you can find a SMAF file of the level 1 song of Goemon.

PMA Extractor for Windows

by snout on 16-04-2004, 20:28
Topic: MSX Related

Karel Jolij sent us a useful tool for MSX fans using Windows. PMA is an often used compression-format on MSX computers. However, popular decompressors on PC like WinRAR and WinZIP do not support this filetype. On MSX Banzai you can already find a Win32 tool for extracting LHA and PMA files.

4 new DrMSX songs

by snout on 16-04-2004, 20:10
Topic: Music

DRM Digital Work released 4 new songs for MSX, created with Musica. Both MP3 files and BGM files of all four songs are available. The new songs were created between the 10th or March 2004 and the 9th of April 2004 and are titled 'Fake metaphysician', 'Griffin', 'Grave of Emotion' and 'Eternal Blossom (second)'.

Game Tanteidan - Retro game shop

by Ivan on 16-04-2004, 00:51
Topic: MSX Related

Game Tanteidan is a Japanese shop with a large catalogue of video games.

OPF 0.5

by Guillian on 15-04-2004, 16:23
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

A new version of OPF (the program used to flash ROMs into MegaFlashROM cartridges) has just been released. This new version is capable of loading the Korean 90in1 ROM, a cartridge which probably uses one of the most strangest mappers ever used.

MRC Under Water Challenge - Reminder

by snout on 14-04-2004, 16:22
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

Two weeks ago we announced a new MRC contest: the MRC Under Water Challenge. We would like to remind you that you have one month left to develop your conribution(s) to this challenge.

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