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MSXplug 2004-07-23

by snout on 24-07-2004, 15:52
Topic: MSX Related

Yesterday Digital Sound Antiques released a new version of MSXplug, a plugin for WinAmp and KbMediaPlayer that allows you to play several formats of MSX songs on PC.

Which MSX has the best design [round 1]

by snout on 24-07-2004, 02:19
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

A week ago we started the round of nominations in our quest for the best looking MSX computer in the world. A grand total of 56 MSX computers were nominated to win this prestigous title.

Koustracker Promo

by snout on 23-07-2004, 21:09
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Many years ago a group of Dutch MSX users, Soksoft, created a new MSX music tracker that offered many features musicians had been waiting for for a long time. The name of this program? Koustracker. Strangely the program never got as popular as its competitors, FAC Soundtracker and Moonblaster.

Today, Manuel Bilderbeek sent us a promo-version of Koustracker, which was released in 1994.

As we reported earlier, Falcom has been busy developing the sixth part of the Legend of Heroes saga, called Sora no Kiseki (or 'The Miracle of the Sky' in English).

MRC Bounce Challenge - 3rd entry by Sonic

by snout on 22-07-2004, 19:04
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

Right after completing the second entry to the MRC Bounce Challenge Sonic started working on another entry: Bounce00. Bounce00 runs on MSX2+ and higher, provided they are booted in DOS1 mode.

MSX Guncon

by snout on 22-07-2004, 18:56
Topic: Hardware

Syntax is working on a project called MSX Guncon. MSX Guncon is a modified lightgun, which unfortunately isn't compatible with the ASCII Plus-X Terminator. The lightgun itself is already fully functional. Syntax is now working on some Guncon compatible software. We expect to hear more news about this project later this summer.

Spresiano 2004 photoshoot

by snout on 22-07-2004, 18:47
Topic: Websites

On the 11th of July the Spresiano Retrocomputing meeting was held in Spresiano, Italy. On the Spresiano website flyguille found a photoshoot of this event.

MRC Bounce Challenge - 2nd entry: update

by snout on 22-07-2004, 18:42
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

Yesterday we have added the second entry to the MRC Bounce Challenge to our downloads database. Several people reported they could not run the entry. Today Sonic sent us an update, which should make the entry run on both turboR ST and GT, provided they are booted in DOS1 mode.

MSX In the Media: 15th nominee

by snout on 22-07-2004, 18:20
Topic: Media

The Dutch computer industry magazine Dealer Info, which is being published by the same company and person (Luc Sala) that published the Dutch MSX Info magazines, MSX got mentioned in an article on the Commodore Revival.

MSX in the Media: 14th nominee

by snout on 22-07-2004, 17:57
Topic: Media

The Dutch Nintendo Magazine [N]gamer dedicated a two-page article to Konami's legendary Gradius series. Of course, they had to mention MSX as well in this article. Which they did.

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