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MSXFiles will release 4 new games for MSX during the upcoming MSXRio MSX fair, which will be held on the 27th, 28th and 29th of August, 2004.

MSX in the Media: 9th nominee

by snout on 14-07-2004, 13:46
Topic: Media

The Japanese newspaper Nikkan Kougyou Shinbun (Daily Industrial Newspaper) published an article on the MSX Game Reader today.

MESS 0.84

by snout on 13-07-2004, 15:17
Topic: Emulation

MESS, the Multiple Emulator Super System based on Arcade-emulator MAME has been updated to version 0.84. In the new version, all improvements that were made to MAME 0.84 were implemented, as well as some improvements to Amstrad emulation.

Retro PC Game Music streaming web radio are rapidly adding more and more soundtracks of popular computer games to their huge collection of songs which are played randomly or on-demand right here.

MAD releases 'Quarth - BGM1'

by snout on 13-07-2004, 14:24
Topic: Music

We recently reported about MAD Music Studio, where many arranged versions of MSX game songs are released.

Retro PC Game Music have updated their playlists with the soundtracks of another two MSX games: Usas and Knightmare. Retro PC Game Music broadcasts video game songs from many platforms like MSX, X68000, PC-8801, PC-9801, X1 and FM77.

Pyramid Quest

by Latok on 11-07-2004, 14:33
Topic: Software

In this forum thread Crappysoft announced 'Pyramid Quest'. It is a nice MSX1 platformgame, written in MSX-BASIC but with the use of some ASM routines.

Pucrunch decompressor for Z80

by ccfg on 11-07-2004, 00:27
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Jussi Pitkänen (ccfg) has ported the Pucrunch decompressor to Z80. You can read more about it at his homepage.

MSXdev'04 entry: T-Virus

by pitpan on 10-07-2004, 01:51
Topic: Software

Another finished MSX game is now available at the MSXdev'04 contest list: T-Virus, coded by Dioniso, who also participated in MSXdev'03 with PENGUIN RACE.
T-VIRUS is an excellent shoot'em-up with cartoonish graphics, fast action and incredible music and sound. This one is difficult!

Dragonslayer 6 'world-theme'

by Low_Profile on 09-07-2004, 22:08
Topic: Music

It's a real treat when every now and then, longtime MSX composers such as Wolf and Low_Profile surprise us with a cool arrangement of a famous MSX tune we can all whistle along to. You probably all remember the Dragonslayer 6 intro Wolf did last year.

This time it is Low_Profile who made an arrangement of the 'world-theme' from Dragonslayer 6.

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