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Saturday the 14th of January, the very first MSX fair in Nijmegen, the Netherlands took place. As you can see from the pictures in the photo shoot we just added, it was a very nice MSX event, which we hope will repeat itself.

Delta Soft releases Konami Quiz 2

by BiFi on 16-01-2006, 21:00
Topic: Software

After 6 years and several requests for help in the music department Delta Soft has released their new game: Konami Quiz 2 - The Lost Cartridges. It was first released at the MSX fair on January 14th, 2006 in Nijmegen.

MSX fair Nijmegen photoshoot

by totally on 15-01-2006, 17:04
Topic: Photo shoots

Rinus Stoker of MSX Worldwide has published the first photo shoot of the MSX fair in Nijmegen, which was held yesterday. You can have a look at an overview of the day right here.

MSXdev'05 entry Snoopy Town disqualified

by Bart on 13-01-2006, 22:42
Topic: Software

Source: PitPan

Unfortunately one of the games sent in for the MSXdev'05 competition was disqualified by the MSXdev'05 jury. Snoopy Town was disqualified because it was not an original entry, but a modified copy of Mauro Marinelli's game published in the Italian LIST magazine in 1988. The author of the MSXdev'05 Snoopy Town version claims he didn't understand 'remakes' weren't allowed.

Besides the Krazilec game "Dahku" Bitwise will sell four more games on the upcoming MSX Fair Nijmegen.

MSX Fair Nijmegen 2006 - Reminder

by Bart on 11-01-2006, 23:27
Topic: Events

Next Saturday, the 14th of January, 2006, a new MSX fair will be held in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

A Brazillian PC Engine Fan site interviewed some well-known Brazillian MSX developers. The interviews are a nice way to get to know these developers better. At the moment already six interviews are available on the website in the "Entrevistas" section. The interviewed developers are:

  • Adriano Camargo Rodrigues da Cunha - AlSoftware, a.o.

fMSXDS 0.06

by timofonic on 10-01-2006, 13:55
Topic: Emulation

Nyagosu has released a new version of fMSXDS, the MSX emulator for Nintendo DS. Changes in this version:

  • Added cassette tape emulation
  • Modified sound emulation
  • Added save states

MRC member profiles

by snout on 09-01-2006, 00:15
Topic: MRC

Visitors of our active MSX Forum have probably already read in this forum topic that a new feature was added to the MSX Resource Center today. As of now, you can view information on all members of the MSX Resource Center simply by clicking on their username in newsposts, reactions or forum posts.

ICON games have released an MSX2 remake of the MSX1 classic Abu Simbel Profanation, originally released by Dinamic in 1985. The new MSX2 remake contains new graphics and improved music and sound effects for MSX-MUSIC.

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