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Disk-Manager 0.12

by hap on 03-07-2008, 13:50
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Rudolf Lechleitner's Disk-Manager has been updated. Disk-Manager, a tool for Windows, is designed to maintain disk-images for MSX-Emulators and other systems.

RuMSX 0.41

by hap on 03-07-2008, 13:47
Topic: Emulation

After over two years since the previous release, Rudolf Lechleitner surprises us with a new version of RuMSX. Version 0.41 brings lots of changes, a list so big that in this case we're happy to redirect you to the RuMSX website!

Nowind Update

by Sky_hawk on 03-07-2008, 12:33
Topic: Development

More and more people are receiving their Nowind Interfaces, the new MSX hardware to use your PC harddisk on MSX via USB. Here is an overview of issues and news updates:

  • A bug has been uncovered in the current firmware version that can cause disk-image corruption when images are written too.

MSX Info Update 2008

by NYYRIKKI on 01-07-2008, 20:12
Topic: Events

It's the MSX meeting of the vikings! One of the most unusual MSX meetings, perhaps mainly due to the organizers with their odd x-factor.

News from the MSXdev organization: the jury has been announced! It's always a challenge to find a proper jury. Each year it's fun to have a totally new jury, but the members should have enough skills to be able to rate each entry and recognize all the merits the game developers have put into their entry.

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