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RELEVO Videogames

by viejo_archivero on 18-07-2009, 10:38
Topic: Websites

There is a new team in the scene! RELEVO Videogames is a videogame development team for 8-bit computers, with special attention to our MSX system, but the team is open to develop products for other 8 bit systems as well.

New game by norakomi in development

by norakomi on 17-07-2009, 14:13
Topic: Software

A few years ago we saw an upcoming programmer in our forums who had this one big wish of making a follow-up of Konami's excellent shooter Space Manbow.

MSXdev09 - new donations

by viejo_archivero on 17-07-2009, 10:53
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

With the first Passion MSX2 contest behind us, the focus is on the other yearly contest again: MSXdev09. Apart from the second finished entry, there is more to report!

MSXdev09 - #2 Castle Tomb

by viejo_archivero on 17-07-2009, 10:44
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

MSXdev regular AG Software (Andrea Gasparrini) has submitted the second finished entry for MSXdev'09! Like many of his other games, this is a platformer again: Castle Tomb. It features the regular retro styled graphics you've seen from his other games, but they are sufficient in order to deal with the dark evilness in this game: your objective is to get rid of vampires!

MSXart Unlimited - Snatcher

by wolf_ on 17-07-2009, 10:33
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

A new image has been sent in for the Passion MSX MSXart Unlimited contest. This new image, made by Aleste, is about Snatcher, Konami's cyberpunk adventure, by Hideo Kojima.

Ace Musicdisk 4 - added to downloads

by snout on 14-07-2009, 00:12
Topic: Music

The unfortunate demise of King of Pop Michael Jackson has even reached our MSX Forum in the form of a discussion about the classic Moonwalker demo (amongst others).

Xak 2 Introdemo - Remake by J-War

by J-War on 13-07-2009, 23:39
Topic: Music

J-War has sent us one of his previously released MSX rearrangements for addition to our downloads corner.

Nekolauncher 0.9

by snout on 13-07-2009, 23:28
Topic: Emulation

Following up on the release of openMSX 0.7.2, Necocan@mac has put out NekoLauncher 0.9, a graphical launcher for OS X 10.4 and up.

Caverns of Titan - article

by wolf_ on 13-07-2009, 16:08
Topic: Software

In 2005 José Luis Tur, more commonly known as jltursan, created Caverns of Titan, a Manic Miner clone for the MSXdev competition. Passion MSX has published an article which contains tips on how to finish all the 20 levels of this fiendish game.

Karoshi ends cooperation

by ARTRAG on 13-07-2009, 15:56
Topic: Websites

One of the leading teams in MSX1 development, Karoshi, has decided to end the common objectives.

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