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The latest translation by MSX Translations is T&E's Ashguine 2, and it's more than just a translation.

MSX Wallpapers

by KdL on 25-05-2012, 15:10
Topic: Media
Tags: Wallpaper

No desktop, laptop, netbook, tablet or smartphone is complete without a personalised wallpaper. Grab your MSX-wallpaper from deviantart.

Xak and Mr. Ghost music remakes

by Jorito on 24-05-2012, 21:52
Topic: Music

German MSX fanatic TheMysteryStudios is working on the music remake project "A Tribute to MSX". Check out the first 2 songs, from the MSX games Xak and Yuureikun.


by wolf_ on 21-05-2012, 12:24
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: CX5m, iPad, YM2151

Ever wanted to hear a Yamaha CX5M on your iPad? Now you can!

Spanish 8-bit developer Retroworks issued a brand new version of their WYZTracker, a tool which serves to create music to be played with the WYZPlayer.

In Retrospectiva 2012, developers of 8bit platforms like Atari, Commodore, Sinclair ZX Spectrum and MSX compete in three categories: BASIC games, Graphics and Music. In each category, a Proton 7" tablet is to be won.

King Kong 2 - Main Theme

by wolf_ on 13-05-2012, 21:31
Topic: Music

Fresh out of the box: MrRudi has made a cover of Konami's adventure game King Kong 2.

Usas and The Maze of Galious will now fight to the end in an awesome battle.

by pitpan on 10-05-2012, 16:23
Topic: Websites
Tags: webshop, Retro

Spanish MSX developer Eduardo Robsy Petrus has created a new website for trading retrocomputing stuff.

Join the dark side In Star Wars: The Attack to the Death Star announced. As Darth Vader, you have to control your Tie Fighter to defend the death star against incoming attacks from X-Wings and prevent the rebels from launching a proton torpedo.

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