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Dutch developer Two Tribes has announced that their game Toki Tori 2 will also be released on the new Nintendo Wii U.

MSX appearing on ASCIIfes

by snout on 22-06-2012, 18:01
Topic: Media
Tags: ASCII, Falcom

ASCIIfes visitors could play the Falcom RPGs Romancia, Dragon Slayer and Wanderers from YS on an MSX, X6800 and NEC PC-88800 on the Retro Booth, celebrating ASCII's 35th anniversary.

SD Snatcher LWP Lite

by Jorito on 21-06-2012, 22:34
Topic: MSX Related

SD Snatcher LWP Lite is a tribute to Konami's MSX game SD Snatcher. The Live Wallpaper for Android phones is available for free on Google Play.

An interview with a Konami programmer reveals interesting details on Solid Snake and how Konami created their games.

MSXRio June meeting photoshoot

by Jorito on 19-06-2012, 13:23
Topic: Events
Tags: MSXRio

The photos of the June MSXRio meeting are available for your enjoyment.

At the E3 Konami announced a new game in the Castlevania (Vampire Killer) series in their lineup for 2012.

MSX prototype

by Jorito on 18-06-2012, 13:14
Topic: Hardware
Tags: ASCII, prototype

Photoshoot of a prototype MSX development model from ASCII Japan.

Retrospectiva 2012 - June Review

by the_woz on 17-06-2012, 21:34
Topic: Challenges

One month into the Retrospectiva competition, here is a quick review of the 8 entries presented so far.

The Bride of Space-Time - by Wolf

by snout on 17-06-2012, 15:00
Topic: Music

Wolf's orchestrations of almost all music from Kogado's RPG Jikuu no Hanayome.

Handheld Heroes Volume One

by wolf_ on 17-06-2012, 14:17
Topic: Music
Tags: Chip music

Chipmusic label Handheld Heroes just released a compilation of 41 tracks, including one MSX track.

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