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Beginner articles

by wolf_ on 17-06-2012, 00:31
Topic: Development

In order to create beginner articles for our wiki, we'll need specific requests. Help us help you!

MSX.emu 1.4.29

by Jorito on 15-06-2012, 23:53
Topic: Emulation
Tags: blueMSX, MSX.emu

A new version of the MSX emulator for Android has been released. Find out what's new!

Konami MSX Big Hits Collection vol. 1 contains a selection of the best songs from Konami's MSX games. The CD can now be ordered from MSX Calamar.

TheMysteryStudios graces us with a relaxed, soothing remake of the SD Snatcher song "Peaceful Avenue" by Konami.

Shoot-em-ups Pleasure Hearts, Kyokugen and RPG Izumic Ballade by Japanse developer M-Kai are available in our downloads database now.

AAMSX 20th Anniversary disk

by Jorito on 14-06-2012, 19:02
Topic: Software

As an exclusive gift visitors of the 41st RUMSX meeting in Barcelona will receive a special anniversary disk filled with MSX software to celebrate the 20th anniversary of AAMSX.

Kotaku: MSX turboR is a great synth!

by snout on 14-06-2012, 17:03
Topic: Media
Tags: Kotaku, SCMD

Kotaku have discovered SCMD, the MML utility that allows you to simultaniously use PSG, MSX-MUSIC, dual SCC and MSX-Audio - and boy are they impressed.

MSX Synth - Status update

by snout on 14-06-2012, 16:50
Topic: Software

A progress report of MSX Synth from Paxanga mentions a 64-note step sequencer, live performance mode and improved SID support.

AAMSX website in English

by j4mk3 on 14-06-2012, 15:24
Topic: Websites
Tags: AAMSX, meetings

AAMSX, the Asociación de Amigos del MSX, have made their site available in English. The site features all news and info on their RUMSX meetings.

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