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Retroworks have released the complete source code of their shooter Genesis: Dawn of a new day. Also, an updated version of the game was released that syncs enemy movement with their background.

The use of the Hydlide logo by a Japanese rock band caused quite a stir in Japan, relvealing that a series of mergers and divisions in the final days of T&E Soft might have led to a situation where nobody seems to know what the actual copyright status of these games are.

New MoonSound Music Studio beta

by Jorito on 04-06-2012, 18:32
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

TNI has released a new beta version of MoonSound Music Studio (MS²). A lot of bug fixes and some promising new features will keep you busy until the next beta!

Moonblaster, one of the most popular music trackers around for MSX is declared freeware by its authors! Moonblaster has support for MSX-MUSIC, MSX-AUDIO or both to create MSX Stereo, and was used a lot in games, demos and music disks produced by the MSX scene.

There's no way of winning the war with these MSX fans. Both games just ended in a draw.

MRC Download Charts - May 2012

by Jorito on 02-06-2012, 23:09
Topic: MRC
Tags: Downloads

What are the most popular MSX downloads for May 2012? Will Kralizec still dominate the top 10, and what about the new software that was added this month? Find out now!

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