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MSXLoader 1.0

by snout on 19-07-2012, 13:47
Topic: Software

MSXLoader is a configurable software loader for MSX-BASIC, capable of running .ROM, .BIN and .BAS files.

La Mulana PC version available

by Samor on 16-07-2012, 19:51
Topic: MSX Related

The updated version of La Mulana is for sale for the PC on the Playism website.

RELEVO's MSX platformer British Bob has received a makeover and is now available for iOS devices.

Sunrise summer update

by hap on 14-07-2012, 17:53
Topic: Software
Tags: Sunrise

Together with MSX World Wide, Sunrise is working on publishing a bare 4Mbit ROM version of The Best of Hamaraja Nights. Using the same technology, Akin, Vectron, Bladelords are also ready to be published. Black Cylon is currently being tested, and Magnar and ARC are soon to follow.

Strafefox review: Space Manbow

by wolf_ on 11-07-2012, 01:39
Topic: Software

Avid gamer and video editor Strafefox created a new review video of Konami's shmup masterpiece: Space Manbow.

Leonardo Padial has announced a series of 3 new slot expanders for the MSX, containing 4 slots and optional extras.

YS Celceta

by Jorito on 10-07-2012, 21:26
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: Falcom, Ys

Ys Celceta, the remake of Ys 4 for the Playstation Vita can be pre-ordered at the Falcom Store.

TheMysterystudios created a remake of the Snatcher song "Twilight of Neo Kobe City" for their "Tribute to MSX" project.

A new Portuguese discussion group, focused on the development of software and cool stuff for MSX.

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