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Quest Guy 2.2

by snout on 23-04-2013, 18:15
Topic: Software

Quest Guy is an RPG with a turn-based battle system, developed by YF-MSX in DM-System2. Can you defeat Jagi and find the silver key?

Metal Gear - Outer Heaven by O-S-S-A-N

by Meits on 22-04-2013, 19:57
Topic: Music
Tags: Metal Gear

A remix of a big deal of the Metal Gear soundtrack with a fresh approach.

MSX Resource Center joins the RetroInvaders feeds and offers a Twitter feed in Spanish

Retrospectiva 2012 has closed with 13 artworks and 18 games, including 2 MSX releases (Splink and REC). Now it's time to vote for the winners!

Retrospectiva 2012 - REC

by snout on 19-04-2013, 12:14
Topic: Challenges

The second MSX entry to Retrospectiva is REC (Recuerda el Color/Remember the Color) a variation on Simon, a memory retention game.

Retrospectiva 2012 - Splink

by the_woz on 19-04-2013, 12:03
Topic: Software

The first MSX entry to the Retrospectiva competition is Splink, a puzzle game for MSX1 or higher.

ASM's GFX9000/turboR game Ghost 'n Goblins gets more and more features complete, with the addition of an SCC soundtrack composed in TriloTracker.


by snout on 18-04-2013, 16:49
Topic: Software

MSX image compression suite BARGAIN has received yet another series of optimizations.

Small, smaller, smallest! The latest One Chip MSX clone fits in a Konami cartridge sized casing.


by snout on 16-04-2013, 20:58
Topic: Software

Turn your MSX1 into a Veejay setup with the new release of VeejingSX, a special automated control edition for the Chiptune Stage V6 event.

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