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HomeComputerShow announced

by FiXato on 20-03-2014, 22:49
Topic: Events

The multi-platform HomeComputerShow will be held on 17th of May 2014 in Hilversum, the Netherlands.

larsthe18th fixed the BCF Diskstations so that they also work on the MegaFlash ROM SCC+ SD.

Tetris and 4-in-a -row for SymbOS by Edoz

by snout on 08-03-2014, 14:01
Topic: Software
Tags: Edoz, SymbOS

Edoz created two games for the SymbOS operating system, 4 in a row and Tetris.

The place to be for fans of retrogaming

DIY: Expand a FS-A1FX with MSX-Music

by luppie on 03-03-2014, 20:12
Topic: Challenges

User Luppie found a way to upgrade a Panasonic FS-A1FX with MSX-Music without using extra logic, just using the onboard connections for the YM2413 IC and components.

MRC Monthly Newsletter #02

by snout on 02-03-2014, 22:48
Topic: MRC

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Eduardo Robsy (pitpan) has decided to quit his activities as an MSX developer, leaving one last gift to the MSX community: a package of tiny projects and its sources.

Game Music Cover Challenge - Closed

by Meits on 01-03-2014, 01:18
Topic: Challenges

MRC's first Game Music Cover Challenge is closed.

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