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Bitwise announce new Shockware software

by wolf_ on 17-01-2008, 15:47
Topic: Software

In anticipation to the MSX Fair Nijmegen 2008, Bitwise have announced that they again have a new Shockware title to release on the fair: Malaika, the smooth-scrolling platform game for MSX1 by

MSX Fair Nijmegen final reminder

by wolf_ on 16-01-2008, 23:33
Topic: Events

This weekend, on Saturday the 19th, the third installment of the annual MSX-fair in Nijmegen will be held. The list of participants and their activities is now complete:

  • openMSX Team - Demonstration of openMSX 0.6.3., the new Catapult and the debugger GUI.


by wolf_ on 14-01-2008, 16:53
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Karoshi member Pitpan has just announced the release of WAVeR48. This is a tool to convert 48KB ROMs to WAV files. By doing so, you can load such files on any MSX with 64KB in the same slot, and it will take 90 seconds to do so.

It's the 14th already, high time for a new poll! Prior to presenting the new poll, let's have a look at the outcome of the short new-year's poll from January. Which new year's resolutions would we wish our fellow MSX users to fulfill most of all?

Donkeyrol jukebox, major update

by [DK] on 14-01-2008, 11:37
Topic: Music

Once again the Donkeyrol jukebox has been updated. Let's throw in some statistics:

  • More than 250 new songs from the SNES, N64 and MSX
  • The playlist window has been sensibly increased (+300%) to optimize the user interface
  • Minor credits/language bugs have been fixed

There are now more than 1100 songs (2GB+) of games music in the playlist (approximately 65% MSX).

After the release of a torrent for the first DVD with video footage from Kier Kracht's video collection, MSX Posse has now published the first movie from Kier's second DVD! This video was shot at the MSX Computerday in St.

SMRC2 - #6: Mirror Scroll 2

by wolf_ on 13-01-2008, 17:03
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

From VJ, chiptune- and electronic-music encyclopedia poke-1,170 comes the sixth entry for the second edition of the Scene Music Remake Challenge:

bgMSX - Bombaman added

by wolf_ on 12-01-2008, 22:09
Topic: Music

The website dedicated to MSX music has been updated again, and currently features a whopping 2063 songs from 116 games and 54 composers. For this update, the music from Teambomba's Bombaman has been added.

Bart Roijmans (Low_Profile) explodes into the new year by sending us oodles of MP3 files: game rearranges he has made over the years. As of now, they're available from our ever-growing downloads section.

MuSiCa MML examples

by [D-Tail] on 09-01-2008, 23:53
Topic: Music

Some time ago, our forum user grit posted some MML examples for MuSiCa in our forums. He allowed for the files to be available through the downloads database. It took a while, but finally they're there!

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