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It's been a long while since we reported about the Snatcher translation projects. Most MSX users will know the fabulous MSX Action RPG SD-Snatcher. SD-Snatcher was released on MSX only, and based on the game Snatcher. Which was more or less a text-adventure. Unlike SD-Snatcher, Snatcher was released on many other platforms than MSX. The MSX version had not yet been translated to English.

Forum and Reactions policy

by Sander on 09-01-2003, 00:40
Topic: MRC

First of all, we want to thank you all for massively using our forum and reaction system. However, because of this (more than 500 posts since the launch of the new site) we feel that we have to put some rules online:The MSX Resource Center has little rules. We like it that way. Moderation will be done only when really needed, using common sense as our guidelines.

Konami releases Knightmare for iMode

by snout on 09-01-2003, 00:03
Topic: MSX Related

/ Gamespot Japan

Konami released the popular MSX game Knightmare for iMode phones. People subscribed to Konami's iMode-games service are now able to play the first stage of Knightmare. The other stages will follow subsequently. There is also a free trial version available for all iMode users in Japan.

Bargain 4.30

by snout on 08-01-2003, 23:56
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

A new version of the image compression tool Bargain was released today. Bargain is a fast, user-friendly compression tool which includes a file browser. A comparison chart of a certain images demonstrates how Bargain - in this case - compresses an image even better than GIF, PNG or LZH.

You can find Bargain here

Z80ASM 1.04

by snout on 08-01-2003, 23:52
Topic: Development

A new version of Z80ASM, the Z80 Assembler for Qbasic (DOS 6.22) was released. This tool was used to compile the Bargain image compression tool. It's functionality was very useful while developing.

Check it out right here

Source: MSX Mailinglist

In October 2002, Michiel de Vries started adjusting his MIDI editor Meridian to support the Moonsound OPL4 sound module. Meridian is a MIDI editor for MSX which can handle SMF, MID, MBM and MWM files. Sound playback is possible on MIDI devices using the MSX turboR MIDI or Philips Muziekmodule's MIDI interface.

Old computers - new collectibles

by Sander on 07-01-2003, 16:19
Topic: MSX Related

We found an interesting read about homecomputers and collecting them.The article writes about yesterday's computers, those old machines so often replaced for new models, became treasured historical artifacts.The story continues with some personal markings from the people collecting them and links to some interesting sites.

Metal Gear 2 music covered

by BiFi on 07-01-2003, 11:11
Topic: Music

J-War has made covers of all music tracks of Metal Gear 2 - Solid Snake. He set previews online here for everybody to download and listen.He asks for comments on the tracks to improve them. Have a listen.

Gigamix opens MSXPLAYer website

by snout on 05-01-2003, 20:59
Topic: MSX Revival

On the website of Gigamix, a section on MSXPLAYer was added. Here you can see some nice screenshots of MSXPLAYer running the yellow skin.

openMSX 0.2.1 unofficialWin32-0.01

by snout on 04-01-2003, 21:12
Topic: Emulation

Today, a new version of the unofficial openMSX Windows port was released. The previous version already scored very well in the emulator comparison, this version offers a few nice adjustments.

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