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by snout on 09-11-2002, 11:54
Topic: Websites

The official website of the Asociación Amigos del MSX has been renewed. On this new site, there is less attention for news, and there is no forum anymore. This way, the core activities of this MSX user group (user meetings) get more attention. On the site are some pictures of the core members of the team, and pictures of previous meetings.

MSX Radio statistics: Japan nr. 1

by Omega on 08-11-2002, 13:33
Topic: Websites

Omega, the maintainer of MSX Radio sent us information on who are listening to MSX Radio worldwide.

MSX Magazine site now in English

by snout on 07-11-2002, 12:32
Topic: MSX Revival

Today, ASCII opened an English version of the MSX Magazine website.

In 1992 Microcabin released the MSX port of the 1991 Gainax game Princess Maker.In this training simulation game, you have to take care of a little girl and make sure she finally becomes a princess. Thanks to the original Princess Maker, this genre became a huge success and many other similar games were published.For the MSX platform, only the original Princess Maker was released.

Poll results

by snout on 06-11-2002, 16:16
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

A month ago, we were surprised by the amount of votes and the clarity of the poll-results considering the most popular MSX sound chip ever. This time, there were even more votes and the verdict of our visitors was at least as clear.We asked you what kind of products you would like to see on MSX. 695 visitors voted on this poll, and 54.2% of them would like to see new games.

Detailed MSXPLAYer information

by snout on 06-11-2002, 16:04
Topic: MSX Revival

Syntax is about to release a special version of their monthly diskmagazine 'NV'. This version will be running entirely on the MSXPLAYer core. Of course, this diskmagazine is only intended for Japanese.

C-BIOS project terminated?

by snout on 06-11-2002, 15:45
Topic: Emulation

After a hd-crash and very little response to the C-BIOS project, Boukichi decided not to develop newer versions of C-BIOS for the upcoming time. He gave us his permission to host and distribute the file, which includes the source codes.

Vote for best MSX Artwork

by MSX Resource Center on 03-11-2002, 23:17
Topic: Websites

Source: The MSX Games bOXThe MSX Games bOX just closed its Artwork contest and is now deliberating with the moderators of the MSX XPress Forum on the rankings.

MSX Magazine website launched!

by snout on 02-11-2002, 20:05
Topic: MSX Revival

ASCII launched a new website dedicated to MSX, MSXPLAYer and the MSX Magazine that is due to be released in december this year.The new MSX Magazine will have articles about the history and future of MSX, and it will come with a free CD-ROM.

GXSCC beta223

by snout on 02-11-2002, 19:53
Topic: Music

GXSCC, by Gashisoft, is a very special MIDI-Player. Like most other MIDI-Players, it is capable of playing files in SMF, MID and RPC format. What makes it special is that it uses SCC-software-wavetable emulation to make every MIDI file sound like a good old SCC chiptune.

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