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MSX CRUISE 2019 (the experience revealed)

MSX DevCon 2003

by MSX Resource Center on 23-12-2003, 22:10

On December 13th a special meeting for MSX-developers was held in Noordscheschut, Netherlands. This report describes what happened that day...

On November 30th two MSX fairs were held in Akihabara (Tokyo, Japan): MSX Magazine Matsuri and MSX Waku Waku Park. Here's a detailed report on everything that happened before, during and after the fairs.

MSX World 2005

by MSX Resource Center on 21-05-2005, 01:05

At 10.00 I arrived at Akihabara Convention Hall. Although the location was only open to staff, standholders and lecturers at the time, it was already very crowded on the fair floor. Most of the stands were already fully prepared and people were already chatting to each other in excitement.

Oss 2003

by MSX Resource Center on 31-01-2003, 20:05

So you couldn't make it the first MSX fair of the new year? No worries, we have an extensive review and many cool photos to give you a good impression of what you've missed.

I woke up in the early morning, having 10 hours for myself until I had agreed to call Mr. Yokoi in order to make an appointment. I decided to walk around in Jimbocho, which is a discrict in which you can find many second-hand book stores. Unlike cities in the Netherlands, in Tokyo similar shops usually group together, making whole areas for specific products.

Tilburg 2003

by MSX Resource Center on 28-04-2003, 22:00

A crowded fair with many interesting new developments, yet the organization leaves us with mixed feelings

Tilburg 2004

by MSX Resource Center on 01-05-2004, 00:20

On the 24th of April, the annual MSX meeting in Tilburg was organised again. On beforehand, there were some doubts about this fair being worth visiting or not, since much controversy had arisen after the Tilburg fair in 2003...

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