by chalky on 03-04-2013, 21:45

Ballzup is an MSX1 game based on STBALLS written in MSX-BASIC. Your goal: place diverters to direct the ball to the exit via all the targets before the time limit expires. When running in an emulator, make sure the ROM mapper is ASCII8.


  • ARROWS - Move cursor
  • Z - Place diverter [/]
  • X - Place diverter [\]

Bet your life

by MSX Resource Center on 17-12-2011, 10:59

Hosted by Rolf X. this violent television game was inspired by Arcade classic Smash TV

Bombaman Extra Ammo

by Jorito on 17-02-2012, 10:47

Bombaman is a game based on Hudson's Bomberman series. Apart from the gameplay you expect from normal Bomberman games, the game contains a 60+ levels single player mode with bossmonsters and a storyline, a multiplayer mode (4 players at once) and 3 different difficulty levels. The game is translated into 8 different languages.

Green Cat Chronicle

by N.I on 05-11-2018, 04:48

Green Cat Chronicle is an action game for MSX1.
Your object is to continue defeating the enemies with bubbles. Various items will help you.
As the game progresses for a while, the background and music will change. Let's challenge how far you can proceed.


by N.I on 13-04-2023, 13:15

Mint is an action game for MSX1.
Your objective is to eat some of the dots on the stage.
The ZIP file contains a ROM file and a BAS file to boot from MSX-BASIC.
- Screenshot

Fantasy shoot'em up 80's arcade style.

* System requirement
This game is for MSX2 with 128KB VRAM.

* How to start


by N.I on 18-02-2023, 01:02

Nekoard is an action game for MSX1.
Your objective is to get all the balls into the gray area.
The ZIP file contains readme.txt and a ROM file.
- Screenshot

- Artwork

Snake network Multiplayer game for SymbOS 3

Preview version v0.1b. [Real time network game for SymbOS version 3.]

The Volker Becker Collection

by hamlet on 08-07-2020, 21:28

Volker Becker was one of Germans top programmer in the mid 80's homebrew scene. Games like Miraculus had been published in Magazines coming with arcade like action in printed listings.

Here is a compilation of his games which he send us to share with you.
It contains:

  • Alien Attack (7 KB)
    Start: RUN "alien.bas"
    Fight against aliens.