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An addictive game, you can make a line change direction using the spacebar. Everytime you change direction you will receive points, but don't let the line hit the borders or the line itself! Pascal and C sources are included!

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By Manuel

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20-06-2009, 15:39

Note that this game is based on an original basic game named 'kink', by Tom Gerritsen (sounds familiar? search MRC), apparently published by Salasan on a 'Super Cassette'. The original is 48 lines of basic (including comments).

For a one liner basic version, check this:

The C version is a direct (very cheap) port of the Pascal version, mostly by using search and replace. The Pascal version was based heavily on routines for a laserbykes (Tron) game I was making at that time. It never got published It's completely finished, though, except for the problem that there isn't any sound in it (except for a beep). Problem was that the Moonblaster replayer wasn't working properly yet (for Turbo Pascal).
I even have tunes for the game made by Chaos from Teddywarez (thanks again, sorry for not using them )...

Ah well....