The Volker Becker Collection

por hamlet en 08-07-2020, 21:28

Volker Becker was one of Germans top programmer in the mid 80's homebrew scene. Games like Miraculus had been published in Magazines coming with arcade like action in printed listings.

Here is a compilation of his games which he send us to share with you.
It contains:

  • Alien Attack (7 KB)
    Start: RUN "alien.bas"
    Fight against aliens.
  • Break Out (4 KB)
    Start: RUN "breakout.bas"
    Break Out Classsic.
  • Enemy Trap (5 KB)
    Start:BLOAD "enemy",R
    Trap your enemies.
  • Exodus (6 KB)
    Start: RUN "exodus.bas"
    Good old "Cosmic Arch" conversation
  • Frogger (5 KB)
    Start: RUN "frogger.bas"
    Street, river, repeat
  • Super Memory (7 KB)
    Start: RUN "memory.bas"
    I forgot...
  • Miraculus (6 KB)
    Start: RUN "miracul.bas"
    Arcade Centipede classic
  • Monkey (6 KB)
    Start: RUN "monkey.bas"
    Monkey throw nuts. watch ou!
  • Moon Race (6 KB)
    Start: RUN "moonrace.bas"
    Parallax scrolling on moon's surface
  • Pac Man (6 KB)
    Start: RUN "pacman.bas"
    Lives in dark caverns and eats pills. reminds me on my first techno party.
  • Pipeline (6 KB)
    Start: RUN "pipeline.bas"
    Connect the pipelines
  • Pongo (8 KB)
    Start: BLOAD "pongo",R
    This time the ape is a bear
  • Rabbit Walk (6 KB)
    Start: RUN "rabbit.bas"
    Chase Rudi Rabbit.
  • Flying Rescue (9 KB)
    Start: RUN "rescue.bas"
    Well done, Hero!
  • Solaris (8 KB)
    Start: RUN "solaris.bas"
    Remember Buck? Sleeping a hundred years only to wake up and fight?
  • Star Fight (7 KB)
    Start: RUN "star.bas"
    Volkers first MSX attempt. In 3D
  • Wheels (7 KB)
    Start: RUN "wheels.bas"
    Racing simulation in 3D.
  • Zirkus (6 KB)
    Start: RUN "zirkus.bas"
    Save the Clowns!

The DiskCollection zip contains all games in single folders as the Spiele zip end in a autoloader menu.

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