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Fantasy shoot'em up 80's arcade style.

* System requirement
This game is for MSX2 with 128KB VRAM.

* How to start
Get a zip file including a dsk image. Write the image down to 2DD and load it by real MSX. Or execute the image with an MSX emulator as you like. For your quick launch click here, and the game will start on WebMSX.

* Story
Suddenly the god of death invades your kingdom. A princess summon a brave knight, you. Can you defeat his army, gargoyles and dragons with the legendary weapon Morning Star?

* How to play
(1) Control
Play with keyboard or joypad on port 1. You can move only left and right on the rampart. Push space bar or trigger A for launching your morning star.
(2) Morning Star
You can see an iron ball with spikes flying around you. That is your legendary weapon, the Morning Star. As pushing space bar, it is released and flies around the game field just like pin-ball. Only by one stroke, you can shoot gargoyles down. For defeating dragons and the god of death, you have to hit their head several times.
The morning star can be used for not only attacking but defending. While it is flying around you, you can strike off enemies' fireballs.

(3) What should you do?
In normal stages, shooting down all of gargoyles is your duty. Take care, enemies fireballs can bang up the rampart behind you, finally it get a large hole. Fireballs jumping into the hall forcibly makes the game end even if you have so many player life. That means you must defend the rampart with the Morning Star flying around.
Stage 3, 7, 11... (per 4 stages), a large boss is coming up. Dragons raise not only fireballs but also fire-breath burning you out. The god of death summons a lot of gargoyles and uses black magic. After defeating him, you can see a princess again.
(4) Crystals
After stage 4, some kinds of crystals are generated when you shoot down a gargoyle in the formation flight.
A green crystal does nothing, only interrupts your shooting course. A red crystal often drops fireballs. A blue crystal deorbits your Morning Star by its gravity. Crystals are also generated by black magic of the god of death.

* for 50Hz users
If you use PAL-based MSX and feel the game too slowly, do RUN"50HZ.BAS" before playing the game without protection for the diskette. As doing RUN"60HZ.BAS", the diskette will be restored.

* History
1.01 Evacuate Version
The first release. Since 1997 it has been still around the Internet or some disk magazines.
1.10 Tilburg Version
In 2000, I took a part in Tirburg MSX fair and released the Tilburg version, featuring...
- New boss, the god of death.
- Diversified gargoyle formation and doragons' attak.
- PAL support.
1.20 Izu Chiho Version
The latest one. - Revised princess graphics by Izu Chiho. - The default player stock is increased to 5 from 3.

* Who is Izu Chiho?
Izu Chiho (Chiho is the first name. Here I write his name in Japanese style) is a pen-name of my colleague. He was famous as a regular poster, a program contributer and writer among 80's computer fans in Japan, on Technopolis Magazine by Tokuma Publishing, which was also the predecessor of MSX-FAN Magazine.
Chiho is generally a female name in Japanese. Although he never intended to pose as a woman but showed as the name of a girl character illustrated by him, not a few magazine readers mistook him as a woman. As the result, he became very popular among the readers and got his own regularly articles. Later, the editorial desk showed his real name; clearly male name!, on the magazine by mistake, and his real sister also made an accusation; Chiho is my BROTHER!! on the magazine by her indignation, so everybody knows he is male.
As far as I know, these episodes opened up the movement such as pseudo-female writers on computer magazines in 80s Japan, or people called Ne-Kama; men posing as a female only in the computer network. I mean Izu Chiho is the true ancestor of Ne-kama. It's interesting to note that he seems to be almost not conscious of these facts.
I felt strong need for somebody must record these history. So I flattered him into providing his characteristic girl illustration for this game, and talk about that to you now. If you feel this story funny, could you please spread that around you?
Anyway, to see his illustration you must defeat the god of death in stage 11. It's a quite bit difficult. Well do FILES for the diskette, you will find something.

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Has anyone manage to start this in Sofarun? I've tried with the 50hz setting but only get a black screen when starting the game.

Por KdL

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07-11-2019, 12:24


It's a quite bit difficult. Well do FILES for the diskette, you will find something.

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