Game Music Cover Challenge

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First entry of the Game Music Cover Challenge is Meits' entire recreation of the Xak II opening sequence.

Chicago's 30 - Main Theme (FranSX)

por meits en 09-02-2014, 17:35

FranSX manually played this 8th entry to the Game Music Cover Challenge.

Cobra's Arc - Main Theme (FranSX)

por Jorito en 26-02-2014, 23:14

FranSX from Spain sent in a fourth entry to the Game Music Challenge, covering the main theme from the game Cobra's Arc by Dinamic.

Desperado (FranSX)

por meits en 20-02-2014, 22:01

This is the tenth Game Music Cover Challenge entry. A track played by FranSX, honouring Topo Soft's composer Gominolas.

F-1 Spirit - Hot Summer Riding (yzi)

por Jorito en 25-01-2014, 23:03

The fourth entry of the Game Music Cover Challenge is yzi's interpretation of the F-1 Spirit stock race and rally song "Hot Summer Riding". It was created entirely on a Roland MT-32 to try out what it would sound like if Konami would have used higher end equipment for the music.

Regular music challenge contributer Bart Roijmans' Golvellius 2 medley is the seventh entry in the MRC's Game Music Cover challenge.

Entry number 5 in the Game Music Challenge is MsxKun's version of the main theme from Illusion City as it would sound like on classic synthesizers such as the Korg MS-20 and Moog synths.

FranSX' remix of the 'in game' theme from Karoshi's "La Corona Encantada", a great game with a great music.

Nemesis - Roz in Space Mix (Roz)

por meits en 04-02-2014, 20:49

Lieves!Tuore's Roz submitted the sixth entry to MRC's Game Music Cover challenge.

Nemesis 2 - Opening (Gryzor 87)

por Jorito en 21-02-2014, 21:44

Gryzor 87's entry is not only a good showcase of TriloTracker, but also entry number 11 in the Game Music Cover Challenge.

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